If you have been using delta 8 products or are considering using delta 8 products but have an upcoming drug test– you’re probably wondering how long this substance remains in the system after you quit taking it.

The short answer to this inquiry is between 2 and 30 days.

Yes, this is a really broad range, but it’s true.

There are a ton of factors that can impact the length of time delta 8 stays detectable in the body. If you wonder about how it works, how you can shorten the amount of time it takes to eliminate delta 8 from the body, keep reading– we cover all these questions and more.

Delta 8 can stay detectable in the blood or urine for as long as 30 days or as little as two days. There are a ton of variables that can either reduce or lengthen the amount of time it takes for delta 8 to be completely removed from the body.

Hair analysis can detect delta 8 THC for the longest duration of time– up to 90 days. But, these tests often yield incorrect results and are seldom used in drug screening.

The amount of time delta 8 stays in the body depends on a few things:

  • Frequency of use– the more frequently you use it, the longer it stays in the body.
  • Your age– older people tend to metabolize substances slower.
  • Method of consumption– inhaled kinds of delta 8 stays in the body the longest.
  • Your individual metabolism– some individuals metabolize faster than others.
  • The dosage you used– the greater the dose, the longer it takes to clear from the body.
  • Additional supplements or medications– some substances will slow down the breakdown & removal of delta 8.

Delta 8 THC Half-Life

Delta 8 THC has 2 metabolic stages– a fast stage and a slow phase. Within about 1 minute of taking delta 8 THC, a portion of it is already removed from the body– after this occurs, the metabolic rate slows down considerably. The half-life of delta 8 in the slow stage is around 32 minutes.

This means it takes about 30 minutes for precisely half of the delta 8 THC to be metabolized– leaving around 50% of the starting dose. Another 30 minutes later, fifty percent of this dose is cleared– leaving 25% of the initial dose. This continues until there’s nothing left.

Can Delta 8 THC Make Me Fail a Drug Test?

If you’re reading this post, you’re most likely thinking about a forthcoming drug test.

The truth is that it’s entirely possible for delta 8 to cause a failure on a drug test. As long as this substance is detectable in the body, it’s most likely going to be identified on a urine or blood test.

Even though delta 8 is legal on a federal level in the United States– it’s difficult for typical drug tests to distinguish this compound from the nearly identical delta 9 version. Delta 9 THC is illegal in most states.

If you’re required to take a drug test for any kind of reason, it’s a good idea to stop using delta 8 THC.

Recap: Delta 8 THC Metabolism & Duration

In summary, delta 8 THC will remain in the system for about 2 days if you have only used it once or twice.

If you take delta 8 often or in high doses, you might need to wait anywhere between 2 and 4 weeks to be cleared from the body entirely.

Hair deposits can last even longer, with some records detecting delta 8 THC in the hair up to 90 days later.

The more often you use delta 8, the longer it’s going to take to clear from the body. Various other variables like your age, weight, as well as adjunctive supplements and drugs can all influence the amount of time required to metabolize delta 8 THC.

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