CBD is fast becoming a popular supplement in the fitness community, and with its many claimed benefits, it’s easy to see why. CBD like many of the 140 + cannabinoids come from the cannabis plant, but the compound is different from THC and isn’t psychoactive in any way. This means it’s considered safe to take when exercising as it doesn’t impair your cognitive abilities. CBD comes in many different forms, so no matter how you prefer to take your dose, there will be something right for you. Many people opt for the orally ingested oil, but if you don’t like the taste, you could go for Nano CBD soft gels. However, you might be wondering what CBD can do for your exercise routine. If so, keep reading and you’ll discover how CBD can help boost your workouts and help with recovery!

Reduce Inflammation

One of the top benefits of CBD is its anti-inflammatory properties. These can be great for aiding your workouts in muscle recovery along with less soreness. Inflammation can cause such painful muscle aches that you may be unable to complete your scheduled workouts for the rest of the week, so taking CBD regularly may help you stay on track and alleviate the normal pain you might feel. Being able to recover quicker will also allow you to train better next time, as you won’t be battling the muscle soreness you’re probably used to.

Banish Exercise-Induced Nausea 

Sometimes you might feel like you can really push yourself and go extra hard during your workout, but you might be hit by a sudden bout of nausea, causing you to pause or stop altogether. However, taking a regular dose of CBD can potentially work wonders and get rid of any queasiness you may feel. CBD has an anti-emetic effect on the body, meaning it can prevent vomiting and sickness. This makes it the perfect accompaniment to your workouts, and it has the potential to actually improve them.

Build More Muscle

A lot of people go to the gym to build muscle, not just to lose weight. But some people may find it harder to build muscle than others. However, CBD has been said to encourage muscle growth as it repairs your damaged muscles, aiding their recovery and helping them increase in size. As CBD works as a natural painkiller, it may also allow you to work out more than you could have before, helping your muscle mass to increase quicker.

Cut Out Muscle Cramps

The worst moment when working out is when you’re struck with sudden muscle cramps, and you’re forced to stop while you try and calm your muscles back down. As well as being anti-emetic, CBD is also said to have anti-spasmodic properties so consuming CBD an hour before your workout could possibly decrease the risk of this happening. If you do experience a muscle cramp while working out, taking a dose of CBD may also help to stop the cramp in its tracks and allow you to continue with your training.

 Improve Your Appetite

When you exercise, you generally should be eating more food to ensure you have enough energy to actually work out. You should be eating more especially if you’re working to build muscle, as you won’t be able to do so without it. However, it can be tough to eat enough calories and you may struggle to maintain your calories. CBD could be your friend in these situations as it’s said to stimulate your appetite. That isn’t to say that it will encourage you to overeat. Instead, it can help bring your appetite up to match your level of activity. Not eating enough can also be detrimental to your recovery, so taking regular doses of CBD can help aid with it.

CBD may still be a relatively new supplement, but its positive results so far are showing that it can be great for people who exercise regularly. Taking CBD before or after you work out can have so many different benefits, and you may find taking it during your workout helps as well. So, if you’re wanting to up your exercise game, try incorporating CBD and perhaps you’ll also see the difference.

Wishing you health!

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