Receiving a negative test result at work is very important. In many cases, if the management finds out that you’re using cannabis, it may jeopardize your employment.

Companies have been known to have random drug tests for their employees without prior announcements.

The question is commonly asked, “how can I pass a drug test?”

There are a few options.  One that stands out for many employed patients is synthetic urine aka fake pee and many patients are using this when they find themselves in a pinch.

You might find some of the reviews online on providers like Test Clear to know what others are saying about the results.

As its name suggests, synthetic urine looks like the ones that come out naturally from the body. However, the main difference is that the product doesn’t have compounds like THC that can be detected during the test.

More Information about Synthetic Urine

Fake urine was created in labs to test their equipment and to see if it’s functional. They do this before testing genuine urine for various tests. The result is a substance with the same properties of urine, similar to the components and overall appearance of real human urine. The artificial kits also have sulfates, ammonia, nitrates, uric acid, urea, and creatinine that can be passed to the testers.

Know that the best and expensive ones generally have the exact features like the appearance, odor, specific gravity, and pH levels that will match that of real urine. You might want to visit review for descriptions and product samples that can help you pass a test. Below is the proper way how you can use these samples.

Proper Usage

It’s important to follow instructions from the manufacturers to prevent them from being suspicious.

Some of the tips these manufacturers offer are the following:

  • Take the liquid sample and microwave it for about ten seconds. When you reach the desired temperature, take it out. Know that the ideal temperature you should aim for is 90 to 100-degree F. Anything lower or higher than these ranges will be rejected.
  • Always select the ones with the up-to-date formulas and latest technology to make sure that what you have is imitating the real urine.
  • Some people use urine belts or prosthetic devices with plastic tubes to hide the product in their clothes.
  • If it’s time to pour the fake pee into the bottle, do it fast  because the temperature outside can affect the sample.

Why Do Employees Do This?

Many employees/patients use this due to various institutions having a drug-free policy in their offices, and one way to ensure this is to conduct regular drug tests. Others want to pass their employment application.

Failed tests might go against the workplace’s compliance policy, which can result in job loss. Many academies also implement these as part of their admission process.


Many brands in the market put disclaimer notices on their packaging that their products should never be used in illegal matters. In some states, they might be considered illegal, so check the rules and regulations in your area before using them.

Risks to Know About

Not all fake urine kits will guarantee you’ll pass your drug test. It’s important to consider the risks as some of the laboratories are strict when it comes to getting the samples. They might wait outside the door as the specimen is being collected, and others would smell them to ensure they are genuine.

Some patients are not ready to face the positive results of a drug test since they have a family and a career to protect, so they use these kits to get by.

Overall, this is not a foolproof process that you should rely on. Many testing institutions have technologically-advanced equipment to detect fake urine. If you’re caught, know that you may be faced with harsh consequences that could affect your employment or application process.

Some alternatives that you may want to consider are drug detox. This will eliminate the harmful substances in the body, or you might want to stop smoking for a few weeks if you know that a drug test is coming up.

Please note, this article is not advising patients to break the rules.

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