Victoria Day is the unofficial start of the summer season in Canada (even if it does snow some years). May two-four, or May Long, is technically a dead queen’s birthday but most of us know it as a party weekend.

Since most Canadians get an extra day off, many use the extended weekend as an opportunity to get away to a cottage, cabin or campsite. The Victoria Day long weekend is a time to get together with friends and family (and get lit).

These warm-weather long weekends have long been associated with nature getaways and subsequently binge drinking, but at Leafly, we’re on a mission to change the latter.

Instead of stocking up with a 2-4 of beer and a 40 of liquor, let’s normalize other ways to unwind, like cannabis-infused colas, uplifting pre-rolled joints, tasty fruit-flavoured gummies and easy-to-use vape carts.

We’ve scoured the current offerings and found six worthwhile cannabis products in Canada that’ll help you kick off your long weekend—and keep the good times going. 

A bevvy for camping or cottaging…

Cherry Cola by Sweet Justice

Licensed producer: Peak Processing

Dose: THC, 10mg, CBD, 0mg

It’s socially acceptable to crush beers or slam hard seltzers while camping or cottaging during the first long weekend of the year, but booze needn’t be the only bevvy you stash in your cooler.

The Cherry Cola cans from Sweet Justice are nano-infused with 10mg of THC for quick onset and the flavour is reminiscent of a Jones soda. It’s sweetened with natural ingredients and flavours and at just 100 calories a pop it’s a tasty dockside treat you can feel good about sipping.

Pre-rolls for on the go throughout the weekend…

Whether you’re packing a bag and heading out for a hike in the woods or are keeping it casual in the city and meeting friends for a patio brunch session, pre-rolled joints are the most convenient way to puff when you’re on the move.

Pre-Roll Variety Pack by Station House

Licensed producer: Sensi Brands

Dose: THC, 18-24%, CBD, 0-1%

Often a sativa dominant flower is the way to go for daytime activities, since it can leave you feeling uplifted, optimistic and energized. Still, after a day on the go, you might find that you want to unwind with something more indica forward.

Enter Station House’s pre-roll variety pack, a unique offering of 12 pre-rolled joints in three different strains, including a sativa as well as an indica. If you’re sharing your stash, they’ll be something for everyone.

Each 0.5mg joint is expertly rolled and comes in a tin case that’s packaged with a humidity device, so the jays stay fresh.

Milled cannabis for when you’re feeling lazy

Milled cannabis, AKA pre-ground, hasn’t always had the best rap. Depending on how long you’ve been smoking, you might remember some milled weed products as dry and full of stems and leaves. But things have changed in 2022 and its popularity is quickly on the rise thanks to both the convenience and affordable price point. 

Milled Gnarberry by Shred

Gnarberry (Shred)

Licensed producer: Organigram

Dose: THC, 17-23%, CBC, 0-1%

If doing as little as possible for three long and glorious days is more of your speed this May 2-4, consider picking up a pouch of milled Gnarberry from Shred. These guys have been in the milled space for years now and they make it almost too easy to pack a bong or vape.

Shred’s pre-ground Gnarberry has been grown indoors and carefully picked and then ground without, so you won’t find any annoying sticks or unwanted plant material. It’s a heavy hybrid strain with fruity flavours and a recognizable berry aroma, and at just $30ish for 7g, it’s hard to beat.


Meet the six best pre-ground cannabis products in Canada

Gummies for getting outside and enjoying nature

There are so many different edibles on the market these days, so to narrow down what works for you, decide whether you want an indica, sativa, hybrid or CBD-dominant and then pick your favourite candy flavour. Gummies are ideal for enjoying activities where you might get your heart rate up and don’t want to be wheezing away from smoking or vaping.

Jalapeno Watermelon Fruit Gems by Rapid

Licensed producer: Terra Labs

Dose: THC, 5mg, CBD, 0mg

A summery flavour that’ll help kick off the season: jalapeno watermelon. These vegan and gluten-free gummies taste great and one package comes with two candies that are each infused with 5mg of THC.

Terra uses a proprietary technology when infusing its edibles, so the effects of its chews can be felt faster than other brands that use traditional infusion methods.

Five mg per gummy is a middle-of-the-road dose in terms of what can be sold legally in Canada, so if you’re new to edibles, consider starting with half a gummy (or even less, depending on your tolerance) and go from there. 

A vape cart for unwinding…

Mango Haze Balance 510 Vape Cartridge by Foray

Licensed producer: Dosecann (Auxly)

Dose: THC, 37-43%, CBD, 37-43%

Sometimes you just want to stick with what you know, especially when it comes to a consumption method that’s tried true. If vaping is that for you, a solid long weekend vape cart to help you wind down is Foray’s Mango Haze Balance.

It’s packed with both 200mg of THC as well as 200mg of CBD for a high that is deeply calming and cerebral. Some users also praise this particular cartridge for the way that it eases joint and muscle pain.

If tropical flavours are your thing, you’ll appreciate the notes of citrus, like orange, mixed with stone fruit, like mango, in this heavy hybrid. It also has subtle earthy flavours that help balance out the sweet.

A salve for soothing the bod before getting back to work

Maybe you stayed up past your bedtime a few nights in a row or perhaps you gave it your all on a tough hiking trail. Either way, you pushed yourself a little harder than usual this long weekend and now you’re about to pay.

1:1 Transdermal Cream Cannabis Topical by LivRelief

Licensed producer: Valens Agritech

Dose: THC, 106.25-143.75mg, CBD, 106.25-143.75mg

Nix those achy muscles before they get any worse with a soothing topical cream that deeply penetrates the skin to provide near-instant relief. LivRelief’s 1:1 topical is fast absorbing and doesn’t leave behind any unwanted residue.

Each 50 g container is infused with 125 mg of THC and 125 mg of CBD and is naturally scented with a non-cannabis base, which means you won’t wind up reeking of weed once you lather yourself with this stuff. 

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