One of the main places people would frequent, to help with recovery of surgery, illness or injury is a nursing home. However, when things are unrelated to this but are concerning addiction to a harmful substance such as drugs or alcohol, they would typically go to a rehabilitation facility.

There are several differences between the two, which we touch on below.

Rehabilitation VS Nursing Home

First and foremost, the goals of each one is different: when you are looking for long-term care and have to stay there for several months or even years, and are vulnerable and not fit enough to go back home, you would stay in a nursing home. 

With the rehab centers or facilities, it can be both long term and short term however you get to go home after your treatment period has been completed. The focus is to equip patients to be able to continue what they have learned when they are back in their ‘normal’ environments.

Recovery times: there is also a difference between recovery times for both. Nursing homes may take several months for their patients to get better and healthier, however rehab services are a quicker way to recover and research has been shown that these places help their inpatients get over their habits more successfully and have better outcomes in the end.

The main difference: as briefly mentioned above, rehab is a place where people go to seek help from addictive behaviors and substances such as drugs and alcohol, and here they are helped by professionals as well as various treatment types that best suit their needs. They have several programs into which you would fall. Nursing facilities are completely different and not equipped for this.

How Can a Rehabilitation Facility Help You?

Three main things are offered in these amenities namely:

Helping people to socialize: helping those who are vulnerable to function in society without having to use alcohol or drugs or being tempted by it again.

Detoxing: As part of the treatment plan, detoxing is a great way to clean your body from all the built-up toxins, and this in itself has numerous advantages: from weight loss to an increase in energy levels, decrease in blood pressure, improving mental clarity, reducing inflammation, aiding liver functionality and the immune system and more. 

There is, however, a difference between cleansing and detoxing, so if you are thinking of doing this at home, you may want to know this:

Therapy-related treatments: psychologists and psychotherapists are often available in the plan, to help patients to change their triggers and behaviors which come with the abuse of substances. Behavior often has a lot to do with it, but the triggers that create the dependency are what’s the underlying root of the problem and often need to be dealt with before they can leave and be confident that they will not fall into the trap again.

Reasons Why You Should Consider Enrolling with One

Not only do these institutions and services help you to recover, but the reputable and well-established ones, such as Mallard Lake addiction treatment center, are a haven for many. When you feel vulnerable you need a supportive and safe environment to be around, and this is often the case with providers, however, you can visit them beforehand, to make sure it feels right for you.

They would also have more than one therapy and treatment option so from a holistic approach to treat everything including your mental, psychological and any physical problems to seeing flaws and vulnerabilities in your thinking and decision-making processes.  An effective type of treatment can significantly help to reduce any relapse.

Treatments may include:

  • Contingency management
  • CBT – Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • Integrative approaches
  • DBT – Dialectical Behavior Therapy
  • REBT – Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy

And more. You should ask about this to get a better understanding of what’s offered.

Other aspects that make these places great to stay in or visit include 24/7 medical support because during the treatment periods, patients usually feel uncomfortable or destructive and this has the potential to lead them to dangerous or unpleasant actions and risk of personal injury or injury to others.

If you feel like you or a family member or friend needs help with their addiction, perhaps this type of treatment facility is the best solution for them. Don’t ever try and fix yourself, it may help in the interim but it would seldom be a permanent solution. 

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