Center of Diseases Control and Prevention reported that 34.1 million Americans smoke cigarettes. For many, smoking is a pleasant ritual, but it involves devastating health issues in the long run. Smoking accounts for 480,000 deaths in the United States every year. When tobacco first rushed to the global market, nobody thought of that. 

However, the striking evidence against tobacco makes more and more people shift towards healthier alternatives. 

Meanwhile, smokable CBD products are rising in popularity as more and more people search for the best hemp cigarettes to improve their health. This new smoking niche is reshaping the industry in real-time. So will CBD push off tobacco cigarettes from the smoking scene in the future? Check this out below.

4 Reasons Why CBD Will Reshape the Smoking Industry

Nielsen research states that the smokable CBD market will pump to $300 million in 2025 and will see a 375% increase. And this will happen for at least four reasons:

CBD Provides Sensible Health Benefits

CBD (cannabidiol) is a non-addictive cannabis component that provides plenty of health benefits:

Reduces Pain

Over 64% of CBD consumers use this cannabinoid to cope with pain. Once you take a CBD capsule, chew a CBD gummy, or smoke CBD oil, cannabidiol gets to your bloodstream and can potentially desensitize pain receptors. 

Studies show that it provides the same relief as aspirin or ibuprofen. But what makes CBD a viable painkiller is that you don’t develop tolerance after taking it for a long time. Most importantly, researchers revealed that CBD has a much better safety profile than common painkillers. 

CBD Relieves Inflammation

Inflammatory conditions affect at least 4.5 million Americans. Worse yet, systemic inflammation speeds up aging, unhealthy weight gain, and worsens cardiovascular diseases.

The good news for CBD enthusiasts is that it has powerful anti-inflammatory and antioxidative potential.

CBD reduces pro-inflammatory cytokines and reactive oxygen species (ROS) in your blood. As a result, cannabidiol can relieve you from pain and discomfort associated with chronic and acute inflammation.

Reduces Anxiety

Have you ever felt a Sunday dread? If yes, you may know how it feels like smoking a cigarette in the morning and questioning what you are doing with your life. But If you smoked CBD instead, you would feel much better overall, and your lungs wouldn’t get another portion of cancerogenic oils.

Studies suggest that CBD is a powerful anxiolytic that also helps people cope with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), anxiety disorders, and difficulty sleeping.

CBD Delivers Equal Social Smoking Benefits

Why do people smoke in the first place? Smoking provides relief and helps you socialize. After all, offering someone who smokes a cigarette is a welcoming gesture. CBD cigarettes and vapes can fulfill all these needs.

From this perspective, CBD is a generally much better cigarette filler. The organic hemp cigarettes from certified American brands are healthier, have a pleasant smoke scent, and don’t harm other people by making them passive smokers.

CBD Helps Quit Smoking

Tobacco wouldn’t be so nasty if it didn’t cause addiction. While tobacco pills for nicotine addiction bring little value, CBD delivers sensible results. 

It helps people with tobacco addiction resist smoking cues and makes smoking cigarettes less rewarding for your brain. In other words, it helps your body lose interest in tobacco on a biochemical level, where the actual addiction comes from.

Tobacco Companies Start Switching to CBD Cigarettes and Vapes

Big tobacco brands seem to keep up with trends. For instance, Altria, a tobacco giant, introduced a new tendency – it moves consumers away from smoking and steers them toward new products, like CBD. In 2019, it invested $1.8 billion in Cronos Group, a Canadian CBD company.

One more tobacco brand, Taat Lifestyle & Wellness Ltd, has already been selling CBD cigarettes in the USA to help people quit smoking.

Another recognizable tobacco brand, British American Tobacco, launched a CBD vaping product in 2021.

As the company states, they want to deliver consumer value beyond nicotine, which means they are willing to adapt to the latest shifts in smoking. For the first time, CBD cigarettes and CBD vapes can revert smoking effects to 180°. 

Final Thoughts

CBD cigarettes and vapes will undeniably contribute to the tobacco industry as big tobacco brands switch to health and wellness agendas. CBD will eventually become an ideal alternative for businesses and smokers alike. 

Hemp-infused vapes and cigarettes provide scientifically proven health and social benefits. Lastly, tobacco companies develop new CBD products, accepting new tendencies and moving in their direction. As a result, CBD cigarettes and vapes are becoming the future of smoking.

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