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November 16, 2021

Find out what PAX® devices should be on the top of your list this year.

With the holiday season upon us, it’s time to make your list and check it twice for the cannabis must-haves that are hot this year.

A quality vaporizer is a gamechanger no matter who you’re shopping for. And when it comes to handheld devices that deliver big with clean hits, smart temperature control, and durability that doesn’t sacrifice style, it’s hard to beat what PAX vaporizers provide.

With options for loose leaf lovers and concentrate connoisseurs alike, PAX has got the goods to set your holiday sessions off right or earn you a spot in the gifting hall of fame.

Read on to discover why PAX 3 and PAX Era Life are the perfect picks for a gift that keeps on giving all year long.


Holiday hardware, PAX 3
Holiday hardware must-have: PAX 3. Courtesy of PAX.

This dual-use marvel gets rave reviews from folks who don’t want to sacrifice portability to get the best in temperature control for both dry herb and concentrates. The large oven accommodates loose leaf bud with two oven lids included so you can fill to half-pack or standard fill size. People who love the taste and feel of flower but prefer vapor over smoke—PAX 3 has your name on it.

PAX 3 is also app-enabled. Syncing with the PAX® App (available iOS, Android at allows for an extra level of personalization where you can set session preferences right from your smartphone or browser. 

With five modes to choose from—Standard, Stealth, Boost, Flavor & Efficiency—you can select just the right temperature to tailor a pure vapor experience to your cannabis of choice & personal preferences. Because PAX 3 uses intelligent heat-up technology, you can expect strong, pure flavour in seconds.

People who love the taste and feel of flower but prefer vapor over smoke–PAX has your name on it.

Speaking of quality, PAX 3 is UL-certified—the first loose leaf cannabis vaporizer to earn the designation—the highest safety standard for vaporizers. With a durable shell and an industry-leading 10-year limited warranty, you don’t need to worry about being overly fussy with your go-to device. And because of its long-lasting battery, with 8-10 sessions per charge, you can really take it with you worry-free wherever you go.

Lastly, can we talk about these colours? If you’re shopping for yourself, you can decide which style you see yourself in: Go vibrant with Amber, rich and lush with Burgundy & Sage, or classic with Onyx & Sand. And if you’re going for the title of Best Gift Giver Ever, the lucky recipient will love the personal touch of a colour selected with them in mind.

PAX Era Life

Holiday hardware, PAX Era Life
Holiday hardware must-have: PAX Era Life. Courtesy of PAX.

Life comes at you fast, but it’s a little easier to take it all in stride with a trusty, pocketable vape by your side. PAX Lab’s most compact design ever, Era Life, is the concentrates sidekick you want in your corner. With undeniable, easy-to-use quality, and an approachable price point, Era Life is both super giftable and something you’re likely to want to keep for yourself. 

The secret to Era Life is in its simplicity. It’s designed to give you the most in terms of the key tech that’s essential to a quality vaping experience while allowing you to do the least in terms of fussing & figuring out how to enjoy it.

With undeniable, easy-to-use quality, and an approachable price point, Era Life is both super giftable and something you’re likely to want to keep for yourself.

Era Life works with Instant On, so it’s always ready for your next hit. As soon as you pop in a pod, Era Life is draw activated and ready for you to inhale a steady stream of pure vapor. To choose between four temperature settings, all you have to do is remove the pod and click it back in watching the four-pedal LED display light up until you’ve reached your desired setting. Then, sit back and enjoy perfect flavour from a pod filled with premium cannabis oil from hand-selected strains by preferred producing partners.

Like with other PAX products, you’re not left wondering whether this small but mighty device will hold up in terms of quality. Like PAX 3, Era Life is UL-certified and made with a durable shell so it can go where you go, no matter if the ride is a little rough. Built with a long-lasting battery, you can expect 150 puffs before you’ve got to plug in again.

And once again, hello, these colours! Super stylish Grass, Indigo, Blaze, and Oynx give everyone the chance to pick their favorite and pass with pride.

The intuitively designed quality that made PAX a household name is front and center with Era Life. Pick one up for yourself and watch it become your next essential after phone, wallet, keys, or win the holidays by gifting one of these little wonders to a loved one.

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