I’ll be honest, my weed nose isn’t great. Most of the time when a friend describes the “subtle notes of berry and orange, with undercurrents of chocolate and pine” of a strain, or whatever, weed just smells like… weed.

Which is great, don’t get me wrong, I love the smell of weed. But a lot of it just smells like “generic weed smell” to me. Maybe some weed scents are just too subtle for my nose. 

So, I thought I’d test my sniffer by finding some of the funkiest and skunkiest weed strains out there. The goal? To really get those aromas up my nostrils and try and discern them. Not just regular ol’ stinky weed—the truly loud, dank, and eye-wateringly pungent strains. The kind that make you wince and turn your head when you open the bag. But in the best way.

I was quite surprised by the results of my stinky strain experiment. I found a new favorite, and I was also able to analyze some skunky standards that had me wondering why they’re so popular.

Regardless of my likes, pungent weed should be celebrated for its funkiness. Here are my findings on the top 5 stinkiest weed strains out there.


cheese marijuana strain
Pass the Cheese, please. (Marshall Pittman/AdobeStock)

Definitely my favorite on this list, classic stinker Cheese flew under my radar for years. The name couldn’t be more fitting—its sharp, sour aroma will remind you of stinky cheese. Side note: I once smoked a Strawberry Cheesecake that tasted exactly like strawberry cheesecake.

With Skunk and Afghani roots, this old-school stanky strain became popular in the ‘80s and comes from the UK. Its funky smell isn’t too off-putting. With happy, relaxed, and chill vibes, Cheese is great for hanging out and talking with friends, and I definitely pick it up whenever I see it now. 


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Thanks to its resin, potency, and aroma — Original Glue seeds & clones are in high demand in 2019.
Glued to the couch. (David Downs/Leafly)

Sorry Glue fans, I’ve tried. I really have. But Glues are not for me.

I do appreciate that GG4, aka Original Glue or Gorilla Glue, smells like its namesake with all kinds of Chems and Sours in its lineage, but this heavy couch locker—as in, I couldn’t move for an hour or two—is too potent and pungent for me.

Regardless of my personal experience, it’s undeniable that GG4 is a modern classic. Just go to any dispensary and check the menu for all the strains with “Glue” in their name. It’s also been one of the top strains on Leafly for a couple of years. And even though it’s not one of my favorites, the popularity of GG4 shows how the stinky and gassy qualities of weed are to be celebrated.

Sour Diesel

sour diesel marijuana strain
A funky weed lover’s dream. (Michael/AdobeStock)

This unholy child of Chemdog and Super Skunk is a funky weed lover’s dream. Sour Diesel is one of the classics: a quintessential sativa with energetic and uplifting effects that has been around since the ‘90s. It doesn’t get much more pungent than this. It’s not just a diesel scent, but a sour one too. 

When I crack open a bag of Sour D., it usually hits me under the back of my jaw, like I’ve eaten too many sour candies. Appreciated for its funk and energy, it’s great for going on an adventure. 


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GMO Cookies

Garlic Cookies mmm… (Leafly)

With nicknames like “Garlic, Mushroom, and Onions” and “Garlic Cookies,” you can guess what you’re going to get with GMO Cookies. Like many strains on this list, its name doesn’t lie—it has a loud smell with lots of diesel and hints of garlic.  

Crossing classics Chemdog and GSC, GMO will take you to the moon with potent euphoric effects and bring you in for a soft landing into sleep. This one first popped up a few years ago and has rocketed up the charts with its distinctive funk.   


nug of Motorbreath
Hold your Breath. (David Downs/Leafly)

The name alone of Motorbreath makes me cringe and turn my head. Crossing Chemdog and SFV OG, it mixes super gassy tastes with a touch of citrus. The smell alone will perk you up.

The name may be reminiscent of ‘80s metal, but Motorbreath is no headbanger—its OG roots come through in the effects, as it’s known for being happy and relaxed, yet focused.

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