Drug tests are becoming more and more sophisticated as they find new ways to detect substances in your body. If your current or potential job is dependent upon passing a drug test, it can be a nerve-wracking experience waiting for the results—even when you think you’ve put yourself in a position to pass!

Up until recently, it’s been common practice for most testing to be done through urine analysis; however, many employers are beginning to move toward hair follicle testing. This shift in testing poses unique obstacles for those that are looking to detox their body, but, thankfully, there are reliable options for hair follicle tests like detox shampoos to help you meet those obstacles head-on. 

How does THC get into your hair?

When you consume cannabis, it gets absorbed into your bloodstream. Since it’s the blood vessels within your hair follicles that feed hair growth, any substance that is found in your blood will make its way into your hair follicles. These substances are only found in trace amounts, but that is exactly what a hair follicle test is looking for!

Any substance that is found in your blood will make its way into your hair follicles.

It’s important to note: This applies to all hair follicles on your body. THC can and will be detected in hair follicles from your arms, legs, or other areas of the body.

What is a hair follicle test?

A hair follicle drug test is typically performed at a lab or in a hospital setting and involves collecting 100-120 hairs from the crown of your head. If you don’t have a lot of hair on your head, they’ll collect body hair as a substitute. If this is already sounding like a pretty unpleasant process, trust us: Worrying about the potential of a failed test won’t add to the fun.

Once the hair is collected, it’s stored, sealed, and sent for analysis. These tests look for a number of drugs, including cannabis—each substance having a specific level that the test uses to determine if the sample is positive or negative.

For example, cannabis has a cut off level at 1 pg/mg, whereas opioids have a cut off level at 500 pg/mg. Any sample that goes over these levels will produce a positive result on a hair follicle test.

It’s also important to note that hair follicle tests are actually two tests. The first test is broader and designed to eliminate the substances that are not found in the sample. The second test is more specific. Through chromatography-mass spectrometry, the test identifies the exact substances found in the sample that have exceeded the cut off levels. 

How long does cannabis stay in your hair?

Cannabis can be detected in your hair for as long as 90 days since you last partook. Hair follicle tests are similar to urine tests in that they are both looking for the presence of substances in your body. The big difference between the two tests is that urine analysis can detect what substances have been in your system over the past few days and weeks, whereas the hair follicle test can detect substances that have been used as long as 90 days ago.

Cannabis can be detected in your hair for as long as 90 days since you last partook.

It’s important to note that hair follicle tests will only find substances that have been consumed more than five to seven days before the test. Hair growth takes time, and the test will only accurately measure substances that have had enough time to register in the blood feeding hair growth. So while hair follicle tests do an excellent job of identifying substances that have been in your system within a greater period of time, they cannot identify substances that have been consumed during the week leading up to the test. 

Sweat and sebum from the scalp can have an effect on hair samples; however, it is standard for testing facilities to remove all contaminants from hair samples to avoid false positives. In other words, there is very little you can do to contest a positive result, so it’s best to make sure you do everything in your power to get a negative test!

Ways to pass a hair follicle test

When it comes to figuring out how to pass a drug test, everyone seems to have a secret home remedy that they swear by. However, testing technology has drastically improved throughout the years. Most home remedies no longer have the ability to produce desired results, if they ever did at all.  

Home remedies to avoid

For beating a hair follicle test, some people choose to shave off their hair—attempting to make it impossible for a tester to collect a sample. But in this case, testers can simply move to collect body hair, so don’t be fooled into shaving in vain.

Other people have attempted to bleach their hair as a way to confuse the test. Not only will this destroy your hair, it also has a low success rate. If your job is dependent on a clean test, it’s best to avoid these home remedies and use something with a proven track record that’s specifically designed to get you a negative result.

Using detox shampoo

Detox shampoos are a much more reliable way to ensure that you pass your hair follicle test. The process involves using a trusted detox shampoo to repeatedly scrub your scalp and body hair to get rid of all unwanted toxins prior to your test date. When looking for reliable options, make sure you use a detox shampoo from a company that has decades of experience creating products to help people successfully meet their detox needs.

PassYourTest.com offers a detox shampoo that comes with their 100% satisfaction guarantee to make sure you accomplish your cleansing goals. Simply follow the detailed instructions and, in an hour, you will have a 24-hour window in which you can produce a clean hair sample for your hair follicle test. It’s even formulated to be gentle on your hair, so you won’t have to risk your dye job!

If you have any questions about your detox, PassYourTest.com offers phone support to make sure you’re prepared for your cleansing process and have the maximum chance of success going into your hair follicle test.

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Full body plus hair permanent cleansers

While you’re planning your cleansing process, you should also consider a full body cleanse just in case you aren’t sure what type of test you will be faced with. Oftentimes, you might not know exactly which test you will take and need to be prepared for both urine analysis and a hair follicle test.

The good news is that PassYourTest.com has total body detox programs geared to help you cleanse your entire system of unwanted toxins. This includes their traditional detox program and kit to prepare for a urine test, along with their detox shampoo to make sure your hair follicles are squeaky clean.

detox shampoo
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Set for success

For those that don’t know the timeline of their test or don’t know what type of test they might be having to take, it’s recommended to use a total body cleanser that includes both a permanent detox and a shampoo so you are in the clear whether you get a urine or hair test.

Visit PassYourTest.com to see a full list of the cleansing solutions offered so that you’re always set for testing success.

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