Ain’t no mountain high enough for the PAX Era Life

In March 2021, PAX dropped the PAX Era Life, the newest addition to the ERA line of oil vaporizers. As a self-professed PAX stan and working mom whose happy place is the outdoors, my ears perked at their promises of a simple and convenient way to consume cannabis on the busiest of days.

I typically prefer the flavor and overall experience of a joint or my PAX 3, but I was curious if the PAX Era Life would change my mind and prove to live up to its claims. I put it to the test by pairing it with a Dutch Hawaiian PAX Era pod by Heylo.

Now, I’ve spent six months with my PAX Era Life, named it Paxington, and have grown quite fond of this little vaping device. Here are the biggest reasons that the PAX Era Life is a solid vape choice for me – even after half of a long year.

Ease of use and instant-on

My Era Life is a vibrant and attractive red and easily fits in the palm of my hand. All I have to do is charge it for a bit and pop in my pod. Unlike my other PAX devices, the Era Life is instant-on.

I loved being able to immediately inhale a steady stream of vapor the second I had the pod in place. I have been impressed by the practicality and accessibility of the Era Life this entire time.

The device’s short and slim body fit perfectly in my pocket, and I can also use one hand to switch between 4 heat settings thanks to their Pop and Click technology.

An ideal vaporizer for hikers with taste

I’m located in the Pacific Northwest – a dream location for scenic hikes and outdoor experiences. After using the Era life around the house, I decided to take it on a hiking trip to Mt. Rainer National Park.


How cannabis vaporizers are continuing to evolve

Tucked in my fanny pack, the Era Life battery holds strong, allowing me to discretely puff away over the span of 8 hours. I find that consuming at lower heat settings not only extended the battery life but also give the flavors of my Dutch Hawaiian pod a seat at the table.

I later found out the device checks heat accuracy 125 times per second, so no matter what your favorite temperature is, you can be assured it’s going to be consistent. 

Durable and dependable

If you’ve had a PAX device before then you know they are tough. I’ve taken my Era Life everywhere from the park in my neighborhood to international trips. Because of this, it’s been dropped, stepped on, left outside, sat on, and smooshed.

The good news is that after six months, my PAX Era Life still works and is dent-free. The bad news is that it has a few scratches. Thankfully, the Era Life has a heavy-duty aluminum shell and is UL-certified, meaning it went through the same rigorous safety testing and protocol as headphones, laptops, and appliances.

This level of durability and dependability is nothing I’ve ever experienced with another vaping device, so the scratches don’t bother me too much.


Meet PAX® Era Life™, the newest addition to the Era™ vape family

The final verdict

I feel spoiled since getting the PAX ERA Life. While it’s only compatible with PAX pods, the pods are so high quality on flavor and cleanliness they’re a huge win. 

The Era Life easily fits into my busy and active life. With a price point of $35, I can even get an additional Era Life in one of the other 3 adorable colors. IMO, if you’re active you can’t go wrong with the PAX Era Life.

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Brittany Parker

Brittany Parker is a marketing & communication consultant with a background in elementary education, cannabis, and tech. She enjoys diving into the intersections of cannabis and parenting, social justice, career development, and topics that make some want to clutch their pearls.

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