August 24, 2020

In today’s top cannabis news Vitamin Shoppe is charging full speed ahead with more CBD offerings, Maryland is easing up security requirements for cannabis companies, and we’re going to talk about a way cannabis could save your life–that you’ve probably never heard of.

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First today, Vitamin Shoppe, One of the Nation’s Largest Retailers of Health Supplements, is Putting New Emphasis on CBD

According to Hemp Industry Daily, one of the nation’s largest chain retailers of health supplements, Vitamin Shoppe, is leaning into its CBD experiment with expanded plans to carry more ingestibles and topicals.

The retailer says that strong demand prompted a move to increase CBD displays in some 572 locations in 39 states, plus Washington DC and Puerto Rico.

The new “CBD HQ” sections come a year after the retailer started selling edible CBD supplements and drops despite repeated warnings from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration that such products are illegal.

Ingestible CBD sales outperform the topical CBD sales, according to Vitamin Shoppe spokeswoman Claudia DeBella. She did not elaborate but said the top performers are: Tinctures, Drinks, Softgels, and Gummies.

The retailer did not share exact sales figures but told Hemp Industry Daily that the CBD category has been a strong performer and that the chain now carries more than 20 brands.

They started selling ingestible CBD in April of 2019, with products in 135 stores. The retailer now carries ingestible CBD in 572 locations, and topical CBD in another 150 stores.

** Next, Maryland is Easing Up on Duplicate Cannabis Security Requirements in the State

Maryland’s cannabis regulators are easing some costly and burdensome security requirements while also requiring medical cannabis businesses to keep video surveillance footage for a longer time.

The revised regulations, which take effect Sept. 1, will no longer require medical marijuana businesses to simultaneously record video surveillance at both its licensed facility and from an off-site premise, reported.

That previous rule, as interpreted by regulators, required businesses to spend an additional $20,000-$40,000 for dual computer servers, storage, and other duplicate infrastructure, according to one cannabis security consultant.

The revised regulations also will require cannabis businesses to archive 90 days of video surveillance instead of 30 days and make video recordings available within 48 hours upon request by state cannabis regulators or law enforcement.

** Last up today, If Hempcrete Can Save Lives, Why Aren’t More People Using It?

According to a special report from Rachel Heimann of, this past Tuesday, California Gov. Gavin Newsom declared a statewide emergency due to fires burning across the state, which have been exasperated by the effects of the historic West Coast heat wave and sustained high winds.

His declaration comes amid a severe strain on the state’s power grid, causing California’s first rolling blackouts in 19 years. On Sunday, residents in Northern California saw a siege of lightning, with more than 10,800 strikes sparking 367 fires, according to Cal Fire.

As home and businesses owners in high risk states face the daunting fact that wildfires are predicted to only increase over the next decade, many are looking towards newer and better ways to fireproof their homes.

This is why US Hemp Building Association (USHBA) Vice President Dion Markgraaff is so passionate about educating the public about the organizations’ critical efforts in getting the internationally recognized certification of hemp/lime building, more popularly known as “hempcrete” into as many US homes as soon as possible.

“California, and the world are literally on fire. This a solution to turn that whole equation around,” Markgraaff said. “At least when it comes to housing, we wouldn’t have to risk firefighters going up in high-risk locations to save a structure, when that structure could survive the fire without putting lives at risk.”

While hempcrete is currently being used abroad as a fire resistant, and fireproof, building material, a lack of testing in the US has been holding hemp builders back from truly being able to call hempcrete the fireproof material that it actually is.

Now, hempcrete is struggling to become officially permitted in the US due to one of the basic core functions of the material. US building standards differ from the European building standards where the hempcrete system was developed.

The USHBA is working to engage the regulatory bodies for building materials in the US to establish the building standards for hempcrete in order to solve this issue, which has been the main factor preventing the material from gaining a larger presence in the US.


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