Our team of students is working together on solutions to eliminate the hassle from tablets and capsules, spray it on and be gone – https://www.beyourhighest.com

We take great pride in providing our customers with real CBD oil. Distilled from locally-grown Connecticut hemp, tested, packaged, and shipped using the most responsible practices. Therefore, our farm-to-shelf approach creates a more responsibly-sourced, safely-handled, better product for our customers.

The New England Journal of Medicine, researchers estimated that 23,000 people end up in the emergency room each year suffering from heart palpitations, chest pain, choking, or other problems after ingesting dietary supplements. Most of those patients were young adults, children, or the elderly. Choking is the fourth leading cause of unintentional injury death. Also, approximately 20% of supplements can cause liver damage pursuant to https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/books/NBK547852/.

Be Your Highest premium organic natural vegan Hoohah sprays are hemp-derived. These premium sprays are plant-based and vegan, offering CBC, a hemp-derived cannabinoid.

Ingesting our vegan sprays allows you to consume the CBC cannabinoid compound, promoting effects that may last for up to 8 hours.

Every Hoohah spray contains organic superfoods and pure, properly extracted hemp-derived THC, derived from Connecticut-grown organic hemp plant material. Our vegan Hoohah sprays are absolutely not synthetic.

The formula is vegan and plant-based, a unique offering in the edibles market, allowing these sprays to be more inclusive, standing apart from the non-vegan edible products out there.

Our vegan sprays are of healthier and premium quality compared to competitors. The delicious flavor will undoubtedly hit your sweet tooth, allowing the ingredients to work soothingly and effectively.


** Less than 0.3% THC
** Vegan & Plant-Based
** No chemicals, dyes, or fake shit
** Powerful and potent organic superfoods
** Hoohah Morning and Day bottle spray bottles ingredients are preserved in the finest airtight European lab-designed ultraviolet glass bottle jars
** Hoohah Morning and Day bottle spray bottles are 100% recyclable, lightproof, airtight, and smell-proof.

Suggested Use: Take 4-7 sprays (Morning & Day Sprays) for Delta-8 Rainbow Spray take 3-5 sprays. These products have mild amounts of various cannabinoids. Should you have concerns, please check out our Undoo® product available in case you happen to induce too much of a high.

IF YOU LIKE THIS VIDEO PLEASE SHARE IT. We are a Public Health team network of 400+ students, instead of buying a home, the disabled military founders spent $530K+ of their own retirement monies to create this brand and they financially support students to find jobs, until we can afford to create hires internally.

We are advised by various celebrities including our stakeholder successor Jeff Hoffman (Music & Video producer, Grammy winner, and known from Priceline). We are also advised by Vince Vaughn’s mom Shea Vaughn, both are our Kiss the Monkeys family & members. — https://info.assuaged.com/how-to-support-our-dream-team-and-students-assuaged


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