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Join Jasen and Sylvia as they sit down with Erin Mastopietro & Michael Benatar of Dope Dog CBD. Learn how helping their dog, James, with pain management spawned a passionate business helping other dogs, and explore how you and your dog could benefit from CBD.


1:45 – Inspiration behind Dope Dog

4:20 – Evolution of the Common Crunchy Biscuit

5:00 – Going from baking homemade treats in the kitchen to a Business

6:20 – Story behind the name

8:52 – What do people get wrong about CBD?

9:20 – Difference between CBD and THC

9:30 – What will Dogs experience with CBD?

12:00 – What Pet Parents use Dope Dog for?

13:00 – Simple Human Grade Ingredients

14:00 – Sylvia chimes in as Dope Dog user and science behind CBD

14:55 – Client Stories and Current Studies

16:50 – Current state of CBD regulation

18:00 – What to look for when buying CBD

18:30 – Red Tape for CBD businesses

24:30 – Best Ordering Practices

25:30 – Subscription Program

26:25 – Client notices changes in Tumor

27:05 – Feelings as a Dog Dad with a sick pup

28:15 – What it feels like helping Dog Parents with Dope Dog

29:44 – Dope Dog staff, all in the family

31:04 – Difference between Hemp, Cannabis, and Hemp Seed Oil

32:40 – Dope Dog giving back to the community with Impact Program

34:28 – Zoey’s Rescue Story from Wags & Walks Rescue

36:20 – Looking Forward: Social Impact as Core Business Value

38:20 – Decompression period after adoption

39:25 – Where to get started if new to CBD for dogs

41:07 – Where to find Dope Dog


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What is hemp? | Leafly

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PSA: Oregon will outlaw all delta-8 THC products this Friday

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