Let’s break down your top 10 best options for ecommerce. If you want to sell online you’re going to need an ecommerce solution to help you manage point of sales, tax and inventory. https://websitecreativepro.com/shopify

You have a lot of options. My two broad favorites are Shopify and WooCommerce. Shopify is more geared for a small team of people looking to build an online store and not be bogged down by techy issues. You can scale Shopify up with ease too.

WooCommerce is better if you’re looking to get started selling online, you want to provide a simple way to have digital downloads on your website or you want more control over your website than Shopify provides as an online seller. For WooCommerce you’ll need a webhost and there is no better choice for self hosted ecommerce than SiteGround https://websitecreativepro.com/siteground

►Want to sell online with your own store? For most Shopify is best. Free trial and an affordable $9 lite plan ➡https://websitecreativepro.com/shopify


00:00 Intro

00:28 WooCommerce
The most flexible option. Can be used to sell digital downloads, products and more. Ideal for beginners and advanced sellers. Downside if you’re in charge of everything if something goes wrong. The best host for WordPress+WooCommerce is SiteGround https://websitecreativepro.com/siteground

Tutorial ➡ https://youtu.be/3hpDPjx9kQw

02:31 Shopify
In general, the best option for most people looking to create an online store to sell physical products or engage in dropshipping. It’s a website builder and all the techy stuff is done for you with optimal designs for selling. Downside is that you have to pay to add on features. https://websitecreativepro.com/shopify

05:51 Big Commerce
The best alternative to Shopify. No branding on labels and they provide more features with their lower plans than Shopify. However, they require you to upgrade your account if you start making a lot of sales.

08:11 Magento
The WordPress of ecommerce.

09:12 Snipcart
Add ecommerce functionality to any website CMS. A great choice if you’re blogging on Ghost.

11:06 GoDaddy
A decent website builder with expected ecommerce features. You have to have GoDaddy branding on your website however.

12:59 Squarespace
Excellent choice for anyone with a small selection of products who also wants to blog and have a beautiful website.

14:52 Wix
Not a bad choice for drop shipping and ecommerce. You get a feature rich website builder and integration with Modalyst and Printful

Tutorial ➡ https://youtu.be/yTS61I4wqXg

16:35 Etsy
A marketplace that can drive organic sales with no marketing and the ability to embed your products on your own website. An interesting choice for creative sellers.

18:06 Amazon
Serious sellers should have a presence on Amazon in addition to their own online store and website.

20:21 Which is best?
My hot take on different use cases with regards to the best ecommerce platforms for beginners.

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