Richard Lowe had the opportunity to interview Dean Crutchfield of Ome Cannabis DNA at the CWCBExpo in NYC. His company will do a genetic test on consumers to help them isolate the cannabis strains and brands that can best target the conditions people are looking to treat.

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Hey everybody, it’s Richard Lowe coming from the CWCB Expo at the Javits Center in New York City again. Right now I am joined by Dean Crutchfield of Ome Cannabis DNA. He’s the Chief Business Officer. Thank you for joining us.

Thank you very much Richard, good to meet you.

Alright, so tell our followers a little bit about Ome Cannabis DNA and what you do.

Well it’s exactly that, it’s a DNA test we do, a sophisticated DNA test, a full DNA test. We look at 70 genetic markers that, those are the little things that make you, you. The .01%. So, we look at those out of your DNA. We also look at key traits, things like insomnia, pain management, alcohol consumption, pain, anxiety, a bunch of traits like that. And then we are able to produce a report for you that breaks down what that means in terms of how you want to personalize your cannabis experience. So, first of all, discover your perfect match. Here is the marijuana, here is a tincture, here is an edible. Here is a CBD brand, strain to look at. Then we are going to be able to help you therefore personalize your cannabis experience. So, that’s the purpose behind Ome Cannabis DNA. You know, taking out the trial and error, for those people that haven’t really had any experience or don’t really have the knowledge. Now, they might see a doctor, they might have some alternative. They might go see a budtender, who doesn’t have the kush but does have another strain that has the same CBD:THC ratio.

So, what’s this test involve? I mean, do people have to come into an office?

No, not at all. We actually send you the test, you just do a simple swab on the cheek, you put it i the tube. Whack it in the prepaid envelope and send it to our lab. And, we process it from there and after about 3 weeks, it takes some time, we then send you back a full report via email confidentially. And we, I think very important for people to know, there’s a lot of concern over DNA in terms of the security and privacy of my information. If one of our customers wants us to destroy the DNA, we will destroy that DNA.

Yeah, privacy is important. So, how much do one of these tests cost somebody?

It’s $129 bucks, today we are offering them for $99 as an incentive.

Is there like a promo code or something?

Yeah, there is a promo code, but I’m doing it into the camera. No? Ha, ha, ha. So, it’s $129 dollars, that includes the test and the results and the report. That’s it, so that’s the kind of costs, simple process.

It sounds very valuable, especially for medical marijuana patients that are trying to target specific conditions. So, how in-depth does it go? Is it just CBD to THC or does it talk about the terpenes effect upon on how people feel?

We don’t go to the terpenes. We are mostly focused on the CBD:THC ratio and then from there we can understand what’s in the various products.

So, you just tell somebody what CBD:THC ratio they are looking for, so when they go into a dispensary they can look at strains that have that.

No, we will give them notes. We will actually give them strains, you know I like to call them brands, the best thing about it. Kush is a brand, not just a strain. So, we recommend brands. And, that means we are not just doing a DNA test firm, we are actually providing recommendations that are going to be useful to you so you can do that. So, that’s a really important difference.

So, we are at the CWCB, what’s brought you specifically to this expo in New York City? Are you speaking?

Well, we have a New Jersey office in Jersey City, we also have an office in San Diego. We are launching Ome Cannabis DNA today, so that’s why it’s exciting. It’s a great platform and I think we’re seeing the scale of this show. They are expecting 5,000 people or more, there are over 100 exhibitors.

Sure, absolutely. Alright, finally if the people watching this want to find out more about Ome Cannabis DNA, what’s the best way for them to get some information about your company?

Just go to or call me and ask for Dean Crutchfield. Do you have any social media, Facebook.? Yeah we go the Facebook, Instagram, so we got all that active. You know you got to be there. We are on Amazon, Walmart, CVS we got lots of partnerships out there. We are kind of getting our business out there.

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6 News (19 September 2021)

6 News (19 September 2021)


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