Healing Dog & Canine Cancer with Cannabis & CBD Oil — we explain what we’ve found over the last 10 years of healing dogs with cancer and autoimmune disorders of all types In this short video. We discuss our CBD dosing protocols for treating dog cancer with cannabis, including using CBD oil, THC tinctures, Nano CBD powder from Hemptium, as well as Full Extract Cannabis Oil aka FECO.

We also briefly discuss the question a lot of people have — is CBD Oil safe and THC safe for dogs and pets and what we’ve found throughout our 10 years of helping people use cannabis & CBD to treat their dogs, cats, pets and loved ones with cannabis in order to help put cancer into remission.

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Website: https://www.healing-project.info

– You can also check out some of Tino’s (of Peace Love & Pitbulls) videos here — we helped put his dog, Shorty’s lymphoma into remission using our CBD and Cannabis Oil protocols:

– Lastly, be sure to join us on our Facebook Groups, Orange County Consultants and Healing Project, where you can speak to, interact, ask questions and meet hundreds/thousands of other dog and cat owners whose cancer and autoimmune disorders we helped heal and put into remission with the use of our CBD Oil, THC Tinctures and FECO protocols.

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Healing Project Facebook Group:

We look forward to meeting you and speaking with you about your dog’s cancer or other autoimmune disease. Over the course of the last decade, we’ve heard and seen it all, and have treated most every vertebrate with CBD Oil & Cannabis, and it’s been an amazing journey of learning for us. We hope to share what we’ve learned with you, and get you and your dog, cat, or loved one, back on the road to healing and feeling their best!

Ps – you can also join us on our new Instagram account as well, at: https://www.instagram.com/healingprojectoc

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