This episode of CBD Source, Col interviews Veteran, Cannabis Activist, and Compassion Caregiver Colin Wells. Colin was recently featured in the documentary CBD Nation (Amazon Prime – MUST WATCH) went through a large chunk of the first half of his life addicted to opioids and Heroin, before fate caused him to join the military.

He recalls the entire tale in all of its gritty detail, from going through bootcamp while in extreme withdrawal. And the long road to post military recovery, as well as the cannabis regimen he had to undergo to break free of opioids once and for all.

Through his group “Veterans Walk and Talk” he supplies free cannabis to veterans in California who want to join in their regular hikes. It gives these former warriors a sense of normalcy and brother /sisterhood with other people who have been trained for killing, as they hash out their mental road blocks, deconstructing their pasts with the help of plant medicine.

This is a really fun, enlightening, and sometimes shocking interview, which if you are a Veteran and may be dealing with PTSD, or are living with chronic pain due to injuries you might have received in combat, this interview is for you.

If you or a family member stuck in the middle of an opioid or heroin dependency and don’t see any way out, this interview is a MUST WATCH!

Learn more about the documentary CBD Nation, and where to watch it, on their website:

CBD Nation

To connect with Colin Wells, and walk and talk (and consume cannabis and possibly mushrooms) with Veterans:

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