We are focusing on safety and how this impacts the industry, including why it’s important to establish quality control. With the vape scare, toxic heavy metals in some products, and lack of overall monitoring of product ingredients, we have an opportunity as industry leaders to help inform change and shift the industry to elevate consumer safety.

HOST: Codie Sanchez of Entourage Effect Capital
MODERATOR: AC Braddock of Eden Labs
GUEST: Michael Backes, Chief Product Officer of Perfect Blends
GUEST: Pete Duckett, Chief Engineer of Greentank Technologies
GUEST: Sally Nichols, President of Sales & Distribution of Bloom Farms

Archived July 29, 2020
The Arcview Investor Network currently consists of 600+ accredited investors. Over 200 companies have raised more than $270 million as a result of their participation in Arcview.

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Charleston White Thursday Morning Live Comedy Hour

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