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(00:50) Harvest Forecast Outlook – Bryce Anderson, DTN Ag Meteorologist Emeritus, previews potential weather conditions farmers might face during harvest. Bryce also talks about the role La Niña could play in the forecast.

(06:41) Hemp Oil Seed Production – The University of Nebraska Industrial Agricultural Products Center was recently part of the Hemp Farm Road Trip. Loren Isom and Eric Hurlock discuss how the event can assist producers and processors in this burgeoning industry.
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(13:16) Markets with Darin Fessler – Darin Fessler of Lakefront Futures & Options discusses recent price movements in corn and soybeans and market impacts from Hurricane Ida. Darin also previews next week’s WASDE report.

(20:41) The Five C’s of Silage – When producing high quality corn silage, it’s important to remember content, chop, compaction, cover and care. Iowa State University’s Hugo Ramirez details each one. •To see his webinar on the subject, visit

(23:34) Al’s Forecast – Much of the state experienced rain and cooler temperatures this week, but what’s ahead? Nebraska Extension Ag Climatologist Al Dutcher lets us know what we can expect in our weekly forecast.

Next Week … We’ll tell you about the cattle industry’s 75% rule and what it means for price transparency in cattle feeding and packing regions. Plus, Mike Briggs breaks down the latest in the markets.

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