This is an INQD Stock Update for Indoor Harvest ($INQD might be one of the Best Penny Stock to Buy now). If your risk tolerance allows for it, Indoor Harvest stock has the potential for some long term growth as they are now very close to getting current with their filings as I outline in the video…very likely to be some price action and volatility so be mindful of your entry point and make sure you’re trading/investing with a plan. Don’t overtrade or trade emotionally. This video is not investment advice and is for your entertainment & educational purposes only. Hope you’re having fun building your wealth too! Cheers!

Links to DD in the vid are below.

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Timestamps / Chapters
0:00 – Intro
2:30 – INQD Update
11:18 – INQD Modified Preferred Shares
16:00 – What is Likely to Happen
18:38 – What Could Happen
24:01 – My Thoughts
DD Links…
INQD Filings on OTC Markets:

Canna World YT Channel:

Canna World Vid of Leslie Bocskor (April 2021):

Canna World Exp YT video/interview with Leslie Bocskor (Jan 14th, 2021):

Electrum Partners Leadership Team:

$120M Deep Roots Harvest Sale Cancelled:

Deep Roots Harvest Ownership & Licenses:

The Budding Report YT video/interview with Leslie Bocskor (Feb 17th, 2021):

FinCann – How it Works:

FinCann CEO Nathaniel Gruien:

Awesome video about INQD Charting Analysis by BEGCOINS YT Channel:
…and another one by BEGCOINS that just came out:

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