Here I cover the 8 most profitable business ideas for 2020. Yes, there are countless business professionals and entrepreneurs that make lists about this, but I guarantee you there are at least a few on this list that no one is telling you about !

First, in great business ideas, I recommend Salesforce development. Salesforce is a CRM, platform, and suite of software. It is tech-related, so loving or enjoying technology is very important with this entrepreneurial endeavor. Though, the demand for Salesforce development skills his so incredibly high, your phone will be ringing off the hook from recruiters. All of the knowledge can be learned free from them through the Salesforce trail head. I am in no way connected to Salesforce, but I use them in all of my businesses and have implemented into many businesses in my past.

Second, college alternatives are HOT right now in businesses to start. With the rising cost of education, more people are looking for alternatives. Setting up coding schools, mechanic schools, or trade schools where people can learn new skills is the future. Looking at MIT EDX as well as Harvard online school lends to this prediction.

Sensors- they are everywhere. With the IOT and 5G, sensors will be a HUGE industry in the coming years. From RFID to NFC, there are endless opportunities to integrate and implement sensors into small to medium businesses. Think inventory management business ideas.

Outsourced office work- with rising costs of employees, companies are looking for alternatives. A quick idea would be to find people in rural areas, hook them up with email and phones, and sell their secretarial services to companies in major cities where employment costs are high.

Mobile imaging- As the USA population becomes older, people will need medical imaging to come to them. Think rising tide lifts all boats.

Used Items- Buying used items such as clothes and watches has become hip. This industry is growing every day and shows no signs of slowing down. Interested in becoming a watch dealer?

Follow this link to hear about it first !

Lastly, let us not forget storage solutions for the 8th most profitable business idea in 2020 and 2021. With more people living in apartments, they need places to store things! Think about it, where will you store your Christmas tree or your old clothes? There is little storage in apartments. A great business idea would be to rent out storage space now and in the future !


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-John P


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