* Public vs Private schools. The differences, big issues, impact & MORE. (4:58)
* The anti-anxiety and neurological benefits of CBD. (22:42)
* Mind Pump on the canceling of Arnold Classic due to the coronavirus & MORE. (31:00)
* The coronavirus effect on the travel industry. (36:00)
* Recapping Mind Pump Live, the VIP dinner & MORE. (39:24)
* The natural ways to protect your immune system from viruses. (44:50)
* Fun Facts with Justin, Pringles edition. (46:20)
* #Quah question #1 – What’s your take on red light therapy? Does it actually help reduce the appearance of cellulite? (48:50)
* #Quah question #2 – If I lift heavy will it cause my joints to hurt over time? If so, is there any way to prevent it? (57:58)
* #Quah question #3 – Is it better to do small portions of mobility work throughout the week or should you dedicate a full day to just mobility? (1:04:09)
* #Quah question #4 – “What I eat in a day” vlogs are very popular on social media. Why do you think we are so interested in what social influencers eat? (1:07:06)

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