This episode aims to be the most comprehensive video compendium on the biology of breast milk ever recorded. Looking at the converging clinical and animal evidence of the impact of breast milk paints a complex and beautiful mosaic of developmentally supportive effects that range from allowing the mother to act as a “compensatory” immune system to possibly supporting the development of entire organ systems through the integration of maternal stem cells found in breast milk.

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Episode highlights:
3:02 – Breast milk composition and production
5:50 – Human milk oligosaccharides in breast milk establish the infant gut microbiome
11:39 – Omega-3 fatty acids and other components in breast milk boost brain development
14:05 – Vitamins and minerals in breast milk
17:56 – Breast milk stem cells and multi-organ microchimerism
18:45 – Harmful substances transferred to infant via breast milk
23:54 – The effects of breastfeeding on the infant’s immune system
27:08 – Effects on intelligence
30:27 – Breastfeeding as a benefit to maternal health

00:00:00 – Introduction
00:03:01 – Breastmilk composition
00:05:50 – HMOs (human milk oligosaccharides)
00:10:33 – Fats
00:12:21 – Omega-3 fatty acids
00:14:05 – Vitamins and minerals
00:14:29 – Vitamin K
00:14:49 – Iron
00:15:34 – Vitamin D
00:15:59 – Smoking
00:17:20 – Probiotics
00:17:55 – Stem cells
00:18:45 – Toxins
00:19:22 – Drugs
00:19:59 – Alcohol
00:20:48 – Nicotine
00:22:10 – Caffeine
00:22:52 – Cannabis
00:23:54 – Immunity
00:26:07 – Gut health
00:27:07 – Intellect
00:29:01 – Cardiovascular health
00:30:28 – Cancer
00:30:50 – Postpartum weight loss
00:31:08 – How long to breastfeed?
00:32:22 – Overview

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6 News (19 September 2021)

6 News (19 September 2021)


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