Prof. Hany Ragy
Consultant Cardiologist
Head of department at the National Heart Institute, Imbaba, Egypt

Mirvat Alasnag FSCAI, FRCP, FACP
Director Catheterization Laboratory, King Fahd Armed Forces Hospital, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
Section Chair Interventional cardiology, ISFTEH Tele-Cardiology WG

Assistant Professor, Department of Internal Medicine – Cardiology, School of Medicine University of Belgrade
Section Chair Women in Cardiology of the ISFTEH Tele-Cardiology WG

Alexandru Mischie, M.D., PhD, FAHA, FESC
Head of Interventional Cardiology Department Centre Hospitalier Montlucon, France
Chair of the Tele-Cardiology Working Group ISfTeH


Shelley Zieroth, Canada
Associate Professor, Section of Cardiology
University of Manitoba, Canada
Past-President Canadian Heart Failure Society
Presentation: Heart Failure Guidelines

Kim Allan Williams, USA
Chief, Division of Cardiology
Rush University Medical Center
Chicago, USA
Presentation: Prevention Guidelines

Costas Papadopoulos, Greece
European Interbalkan Medical Center
Head of Echocardiography department
Konstantinos Papadopoulos, MD, PhD, FESC, FEACVI
Presentation: Valvular Heart Disease Guidelines

Cynthia Tracy, USA
Professor of medicine, Director of cardiology, The George Washington University Hospital
Presentation: Pacing Guidelines

Aaysha Cader, Bangladesh
Presentation: Late breaking trials

Rafael Vidal Perez, Spain
Presentation: Digital updates


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