This week Marty and Matt discuss:

– salvadorian gov approves $150M bitcoin trust []

– twitter beta testing lightning tipping service through strike partnership []

– simple bitcoin wallet v2.0.5 []

– specter desktop v1.6.0 []

– specter diy v1.6.0 []

– seedsigner v0.4.4 []

– blue wallet v6.2.4 []

– coldcard v4.1.3 []

– human rights foundation bitcoin academy for activists 4th and 5th []

– adopting bitcoin lightning summit in el salvador nov 16 []

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ORAcollect.DNA user collection instructions

ORAcollect.DNA user collection instructions

User collection instructions for the ORAcollect.DNA (OCR-100) product from DNA Genotek for collecting DNA from saliva.ORAcollect.DNA is not available for sale in the United States. source

American Tea Party Anthem III Revised

American Tea Party Anthem III Revised

Get ringtone: This FUN remake is by Doug Balch of Orlando Florida as the original videos crossed over 1 mil views. Go here to download: Or, order here: Lloyd wrote this anthem as the original National Rallying...