How we consume weed has changed. Does this change in consumption put people at an increased risk for THC addiction? Are you trying to quit smoking weed? Is the type of weed you smoke playing a role in your lack of success quitting weed? Let’s compare “old weed” to todays “new weed.”

In this brief video Dr. Frank, the founder of AddictionMindset Recovery Coaching provides his opinions on weed consumption and how cannabis consumption has changed over the years. If you smoke THC carts or use THC cartridges this video is worth a watch!

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As a society we have changed how we smoke weed. There has been a migration from dry herb to dab pens and carts. There has also been a change in the potency of the weed we consume. Weed these days is simply more potent, rather we have more access to more potent weed.

Not only is weed more potent but it’s easier to smoke and more discrete. This ease of access and discreet method of use with THC carts may lead to an increased potential for addiction.

Since COVID 19 society has become more isolated. This isolation leads to an increased chance of weed addiction. If you are trying to quit smoking weed some of the points in this video may help you break your cannabis addiction. With the recent boom in THC carts, delta 8, delta 9, delta 10 and THC acetate I expect we are going to see an increased rate of addiction potential and an increased amount of people looking to quit smoking weed.

Here at AddicitonMindset Recovery Coaching we help people quit nicotine, THC, energy drinks, and adult media content! Welcome to our community.

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