This video explores the 10 things I DO NOT miss about New Zealand as a kiwi expat abroad. As you know I love to be honest about expat life in France and so it’s only fair to tackle the pros and cons of living in New Zealand.

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Life in New Zealand is unique, the New Zealand landscapes are incredible and there’s nothing quite like that kiwi attitude. But this videos gives you the chance to hear directly from a New Zealander what the worst things about living in New Zealand are and the downsides of the New Zealand lifestyle.

If you are moving to New Zealand or planning on visiting New Zealand any time soon, I hope this video helps! Please feel free to watch my other videos on the topic though to get a more balanced view.

– Things I miss the most about NZ:
– Things You Don’t Realise About New Zealand Until You Leave
– What NOT to do in NZ:
– Watch this BEFORE you go to New Zealand:
– New Zealand Slang:

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Salut friends! If you are one of these delightful people who actually reads description boxes, hi there.

It’s funny because after being away from New Zealand for 5 years, I’ve definitely realised that there are some aspects of living in New Zealand that I had totally taken for granted! I often get asked ‘what is life like in New Zealand’ from people dreaming of moving to New Zealand or at least travel for some time. I’m hoping this video gives you a few genuine insights from an actual kiwi into this topic.

Check out my New Zealand playlist for more kiwi goodness:

So, I hope this helps. If you still feel like you have questions or would like more things to know before visiting New Zealand, please let me know down below and I will see what I can do for you!

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