Here it is – the ULTIMATE, BEST and most DETAILED Marijuana Drug Test video available. Period. Okay, well I HOPE it is. If it isn’t, I sure hope that it is close. Learn about Marijuana Drug Testing, how to successfully pass a drug test, ways to safely and quickly remove evidence of marijuana use and some quirky methods that may remove THC.

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00:50 Introduction
01:34 What Drug Tests are looking for
03:00 Removing THC from the body
05:15 Types of Drug Tests
10:40 Rapid Removal of THC
13:38 Diet Detox for Marijuana
17:09 Manipulating Drug Tests (don’t do it!)
22:48 Macujo Method
25:09 CERTO Methood
29:00 Zinc
29:37 Niacin
30:58 Activated Charcoal
31:38 Bentonite Clay
33:35 Conclusion

Sit back and grab a water or cranberry juice and watch this rather lengthy and educational video (35 minutes in length) where I discuss everything (hopefully) you need to know about taking a drug test for marijuana. Remember, the objective is to test clean when taking a drug test of any kind. Such tests can be Ordered by Criminal Courts during pretrial monitoring, post conviction monitoring, in the court system for divorce or parenting disputes and of course, for employment purposes (job applications and contract obligations). I understand the implications of a failed test and this video is to help you pass this test!!

So – that being said – educating you to pass a test is not manipulating a test. I want you to pass a marijuana drug test in a legal and ethical way. Knowing how to do this is key! And as a reminder, in the majority of US States the use of marijuana (for either medicinal or recreational means) is legal!

There are different tests that can detect marijuana in different ways for different periods of time, this is important to know. Further, if you are facing a drug screen but wish to remove THC (or carboxy THC) faster than normal, there is nothing wrong with practicing these methods (such as hydration, diet and exercise). This video discusses how to remove THC naturally and quickly. But this video goes further and discusses some methods that might even be a little suspect (i.e. the CERTO and Macujo Methods) and the pitfalls of using methods that might be considered manipulation (and, I never recommend using methods that are considered manipulation (particularly in the court system)).

Finally, this video discusses the many myths circulating the internet for products and practices that are believed to assist in the rapid removal of THC but, are not supported by any science.

And there we go, many months in the making and I am hopeful it helps you pass any upcoming marijuana drug test. And again, I hope this is the ULTIMATE marijuana drug test video on YouTube. Good luck with your testing!

Please be advised that I do NOT recommend cheating the system and please, never resort to methods of manipulation to pass a drug test in a court of law. It is likely your troubles will only get worse, if detected.

I have published a FREE 30-page Book that details the Marijuana Drug Testing Process. It also discusses in more detail, how to rapidly remove THC from you body. I wish I could add the PDF directly to this page, but I cannot. Please click on the link and then click on “FREE BOOKS AND HANDOUTS” at the top of the page. You will then see the book “Marijuana Drug Testing 101.” Click on download and you will have a complimentary copy. The book:

For more details about Marijuana DUIs, here is the first book ever published that focuses specifically on Marijuana DUIs and the new laws (“per se” laws) that make marijuana DUI cases so difficult.

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