Haze Berry Automatic will drive your daytime productivity to new heights. This subtle autoflowering strain offers a motivating effect that lights up the neurons and drives creativity. If that wasn’t enough, her fruity terpenes and rapid life cycle will surely win Haze Berry Automatic a place in your grow room or garden. Your cannabis grows will never be the same once you let Haze Berry Auto in!

We bred this strain with clear-headed effects and a fast-growing time in mind. To achieve this outcome, we crossed parent strains Haze Berry and Blueberry Auto. This allowed us to create a progeny with hardy genetics, resilience to pests, and a sativa-dominant genetic profile consisting of 65% sativa, 30% indica, and 5% ruderalis.

During the flowering stage, these autoflowering plants produce thick buds decorated with a generous layer of trichomes and spattered with light orange pistils. Smoking these flowers during the day won’t render you too high to function. Instead, Haze Berry Automatic provides a caffeine-like buzz ideal for writing, reading, and other work-related tasks. Plus, she’ll get your creative juices flowing if you’re in the mood to make music or art.

Haze Berry Automatic’s THC level of 13% hits that productivity sweet spot. But the psychoactive cannabinoid doesn’t work alone; her fruity terpenes add to the experience with their soothing effects and delicious tastes of blueberry.

Growing cannabis needn’t be a chore with these autoflowering plants. She requires little maintenance and only a short investment of time. If you prefer growing cannabis indoors, you can expect this strain to reach a height of 90–130cm and produce 350–400g/m². If you like to operate your cannabis grows under the sun, you’ll watch plants reach a similar height and churn out 100–150g/plant. The best part? You’ll only have to wait a total of 10–11 weeks from seed to harvest.

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