In this video, I share Why The US Cannabis Industry is About to Explode, and I’m Investing Heavily Right Now to Take Advantage of This Rare Opportunity. Check out my Instagram (nickpeitschinvesting):

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In this video, I share my thoughts on the US cannabis industry and why I believe it is poised for incredible growth over the next decade. Over the past few years, the US Cannabis market has been growing like a weed – pun intended. In 2019, legal US cannabis sales were $12.1 billion, while in 2020 alone, they grew 46% to over $17.5 billion – which is just ridiculous! So the US cannabis market share was 82% of global sales at the end of 2020, which makes the US one of the best places in the world to invest in cannabis. Personally, I believe this industry offers a once in a lifetime opportunity right now for individual investors, which have a serious advantage over institutional investors and big money.

The pros of investing in the US cannabis industry I discuss in detail are:
1. Large-Scale Adoption
2. Company Growth & Profitability
3. Stock Upside Catalysts

Why I’m Buying Amazon Stock:
My #1 Investment of 2021:
The Dangers of REIT Investing:

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