CBD is the most beneficial cannabinoid for schizophrenia. Large doses of CBD were shown as effective as anti-psychotic medications for reducing both positive and negative symptoms of schizophrenia. CBD does not carry the dangerous long term health effects or negative side effects of anti-psychotic medications. CBD should be used under the supervision of a doctor to determine dosing. Small doses of THC may be beneficial in some cases of schizophrenia.

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Medical Marijuana Patient Logs – FREE DOWNLOAD

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How to Use THC without intoxication


Non-intoxicating Ways to Use Medical Cannabis

Eliminating Euphoria with High CBD Low THC Strains

Guiding To Dosing With Medical Marijuana

Overmedication: What To Do If You’ve Had Too Much Cannabis

How to Read Medical Marijuana Labeling

Ways to Use Medical Marijuana

Disclaimer: This video gives information about medical marijuana as demonstrated through scientific study and reported by doctors and patients. This content is for informational purposes only and is not a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnoses, and treatment.
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