Understanding a Sample Label for Cannabis Products

Professor DeBacco

Sale Page
This is what may be seen on a website page and it provides some of the general information about the product that serves best for comparisons to other available products.

Website Information
These are often used for the initial selection process.

Sample Label

1. CTPharma Logo
Always advised to have some company advertising as you want consumer recognition
The intention is to have them associate your company with a quality product

2. Strain Name, Product Name
This is what is being purchased.

3. Product Potency
T32% refers to the product having 32% THC

4. Color Bar Indicator
Not necessarily an industry standard
Indica – Purple
Sativa – Orange
Hybrid – Green

5. Type and Approximate Potency
This is what many consumer will look at, and while important you should be looking at more than just this.

6. Date Tested
Approximate date that the product was tested by a state approved laboratory.

7. Lot Number
The lot number is a combination of 4 numerical digits that are given to a group of products that were manufactured in the same batch.

8. NDC (National Drug Code)
4 digit National Drug Code assigned to the product
National Drug Code Directory

9. Quantity
Refers to the amount of product per unit.

10. Expiration Date
Approximate date that the state approved laboratory deems the product expired.

11. Contaminants Testing
Confirmation that the product has passed a microbiological test by the state approved laboratory.

12. CTPharma Contact Info
Good to see the company puts their contact information on the label that they are willing to stand by their product.

13. Cannabinoids
Percentage of each cannabinoid found in the product.

14. Terpenes
Percentage of each terpene found in the product as well as the total terpene percentage.

15. QR Code
Simply scan the QR code with your smartphone and it will bring you to the product page and/or analytical report.

Analytical Report Importance
The analytical report will provide you with information regarding the actual test results including the lab, dates, and lot number.

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