Many people wonder about the contrasts between a pardon vs commutation of sentence. Take lessons from President Trump and Roger Stone.

The U.S. Constitution provides the President of the United States with the power of pardon. And with a pardon, essentially, a president forgives the offender for committing an offense. A president has the power to pardon a person even before authorities charge a person with a crime. For example, anticipating all of the complications that surrounded the Watergate scandal, President Ford understood that President Nixon stood vulnerable to prosecution. To spare President Nixon and the country of a scandal associated with indicting a former president, President granted the pardon. I don’t have any idea whether President Nixon even requested the pardon.

A pardon is a form of executive clemency. Why? The President is the CEO of the entire nation. He is the head of the executive branch of government. Article Two of the US Constitution empowers the president to grant clemency.

Another form of clemency is a commutation of sentence. When a president commutes a sentence, the conviction is not forgiven. Rather, with a commutation, the president grants mercy. He forgives or adjusts a portion of the sentence.

When President Trump commuted Roger Stone’s prison sentence, the president granted mercy. Regardless of the sentence imposed by a federal judge, Roger Stone will not be going to federal prison.

If you or someone you love faces a prison sentence, learn steps you can take to advance possibilities for either a pardon or a commutation.

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