CBD is fairly mainstream now. Grandparents are taking it, it’s offered for pets, and it can be found in your local store…but while it may be mainstream, challenges still persist in marketing the product. While CBD is legal, the big players highly frown upon the promotion of it, so what’s a CBD marketer to do?

In Adtaxi’s webinar on marketing CBD, we’ll help you face these challenges and cover:
– A brief history of the CBD landscape and how online marketing options have changed
– The challenges of CBD marketing and breaking away from the competition
– Developing your audience and leveraging the platforms to find and influence their purchase behavior
– The most effective way to build your brand online
– Measuring digital marketing success


Sentosa Island Singapore – Walking Tour

A short walking tour around Sentosa Island in Singapore. Sentosa Island, known mononymously as Sentosa, is an island located off the southern coast of Singapore's main island. The island is separated from the main island of Singapore by a channel of water, the Keppel...

Deaths of Despair and Decreasing Life Expectancy in the US

Deaths of Despair and Decreasing Life Expectancy in the US

In recent years, life expectancy in the US has been dropping. A significant contributor to that drop has been deaths of despair. Drug overdoses and suicides have increased in tandem with the opioid crisis, and the outcome is shorter lives. Today we'll talk about these...