Blockchain & Crypto News cycle goes on as Jackson Palmer, the co-founder of Dogecoin comes against all things blockchain and crypto. Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong responds back to Jackson Palmer by making his case for crypto. Jack Dorsey and Square creates a new company called TBD. Visa, Mastercard, Facebook, and other companies embracing crypto. Also news around the world with crypto adoption.


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The Farther Reaches of Human Nature
by Abraham Maslow (Self-Actualization Process)

0:00 Jackson Palmer criticizes blockchain tech & crypto asset investing
0:40 Coinbase CEO responds
1:55 Jack Dorsey’s Square & TBD
3:05 Bank of America crypto research group
4:25 Visa & Mastercard supports Binance
5:05 Crypto Fund III by a16z
6:10 Former US Treasury Secretary on BTC
6:55 Michael Saylor not selling Bitcoin ever
8:05 Paypal and crypto limit
8:35 Valkyrie Digital Assets & Algorand; Softbank & Peter Thiel
9:30 Facebook’s Diem
10:55 Spike Lee directs crypto commercial
11:30 Visa’s BTC card in Australia
12:30 Australia wants to see legal DAOs
13:50 China’s e-CNY, Digital Yuan White Paper
14:40 Paskistan & Japan on Crypto
15:30 Holistic Development message

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Bank Of America Approves BTC Futures Trading

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