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CBD oil and gummies are completely legal. I am by no means promoting them or telling you to take them. I am just sharing with you, my first experience with them. Thanks!

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CBD Webinar: Presented by Adtaxi, Hosted by New Frontier Data

CBD Webinar: Presented by Adtaxi, Hosted by New Frontier Data

CBD is fairly mainstream now. Grandparents are taking it, it’s offered for pets, and it can be found in your local store...but while it may be mainstream, challenges still persist in marketing the product. While CBD is legal, the big players highly frown upon the...

Devil’s Breath – World’s Scariest Drug?

Devil’s Breath – World’s Scariest Drug?

What's the scariest drug in the world? Some people call it "Devil's Breath", but regardless of the name, this drug will leave you knocking on Heaven's door before you even know what hit you. What is this killer drug and where does it come from? Check out today's dive...