The Canadian cannabis industry is constantly buzzing with new products, and weed connoisseurs will have their hands full trying out everything hitting the legal market for the first time.

People with a taste for hard-hitting products will be left in a hazy delight seeing Canada’s first-ever pre-rolled blunt along with new and exciting strain genetics. There’s also a fresh batch of new edibles, including the stoner staple the legal market surprisingly hasn’t released until now: brownies. Topical fanatics will be soaking themselves in new offerings as well, with a vast range of items arriving.

Spark up a joint and dive in below to get the scoop on some of the newest products hitting the legal Canadian cannabis market for the first time.

Candy Rain BLNT pre-roll


Dose: 18.3% THC

This blunt product comes already rolled and ready to go. (Image by Smith-Engelhardt)

Joints are great but blunts hit like nothing else. BLKMKT is proving its status as a brand for connoisseurs with this innovative pre-roll. While technically not a proper blunt since it uses a hemp wrap instead of tobacco leaf, the Candy Rain BLNT achieves the slower burn and dense smoke clouds a joint can’t quite make.

It comes in an elegant container with a mini humidity control pack inside, keeping it at an optimal freshness level. The strain is a cross of Gelato and London Pound Cake, with a terpene profile mixing limonene, caryophyllene, beta-pinene, and humulene for a sweet, fruity flavour serving the name. Without the nicotine from a tobacco leaf, it may not impress some blunt purists but the Candy Rain BLNT is a welcome addition to the legal market.

Double chocolate brownie

By: Verse Originals

Dose: 10 mg THC

Verse double chocolate brownie is one of two pot brownies to hit the market. (Image: Joe Smith-Engelhardt)

A perfect example of stoner logic from Canada’s licensed producers is taking nearly three years to create the most obvious edible: weed brownies! It’s one of the most stereotypical foods people think of when considering edibles, but it’s finally arrived and was worth the wait.

The double chocolate brownie from Verse Originals is a sweet and moist brownie topped with a rich-tasting THC-infused chocolate ganache. Opening the package is pleasantly surprising as you’re greeted with a muffin-sized brownie instead of a bite-sized snack and can treat it like a real dessert.

The brownie sits in a plastic cup with paper wrapping around the edible itself, which looks nice, but buyers should be careful unwrapping it to avoid a crumbly mess.

Salted caramel pretzel bites

By: Bogart’s Kitchen

Dose: 10 mg THC

Bogart’s salted caramel bites come two to a package. (Image: Joe Smith-Engelhardt)

The sweet, gooey taste of caramel is a match made in heaven for the salty crunch of a pretzel that Bogart’s Kitchen knocked out of the park. These edibles look hefty and dense at first glance, but are the perfect size for a quick and easy edible.

Unlike many cannabis edibles, the salted caramel pretzel bites amazingly mask any weedy flavour or undesirable aftertaste. The texture is very chewy, but the pretzel crunch prevents the caramel from lingering in your mouth and getting stuck in your teeth.

With two pieces in each package, it’s a satisfying snack to complement a smoke session and will quickly become a go-to if you have a taste for savoury foods.

Unicorn Poop

By: Tantalus Labs

Dose: 200.00 – 260.00 mg/g (20-26%), 0.00 – 10.00 mg/g (0-1%)

Unicorn Poop by Tantalus Labs. (Image: Joe Smith-Engelhardt)

Tantalus Labs’ latest strain is an exotic cross between GMO and Sophisticated Lady that packs a punch for anyone searching for a heavy-hitting session. Bred by ThugPug Genetics, the Unicorn Poop strain features a rainbow spectrum of colours coating the buds, flawlessly matching the name.

The flavour profile is gassy with citrus undertones brought together through terpenes including myrcene, alpha-pinene, and linalool. With THC levels over 20 percent and genetics leaning towards the indica spectrum, it gives a relaxing feeling without taking away the ability to focus.

Tantalus Labs produced one of its best strains so far, with the buds being dense, well-trimmed, eye-catching, and offering a clean, functional high without any burnout.

All natural lip balm

By: Tidal

Dose: 50 mg CBD

All natural lip balm by Tidal has 50 mg of CBD per unit. (Image: Joe(Image: Joe Smith-Engelhardt)

CBD topicals are increasing in popularity, and Tidal Health Solution’s introduction of lip balms to the market will make anyone who deals with dry, cracked lips ecstatic. If your skin is sensitive, avoiding lip balms with loads of artificial ingredients is a top priority when choosing a new product, and this all-natural option made with calendula oil and cocoa butter ticks the right boxes.

The container is small but durable and has a simple yet stylish look. After about a week of use, the lip balm proved it was doing its job in preventing chapped lips from prevailing. Whether it was a placebo or not, the soreness from unconsciously lip chewing and biting also seemed to be lessened, making this a great product for anyone who’s intrigued by CBD topicals.

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Joe Smith-Engelhardt is a Toronto-based freelance writer focusing on music and cannabis. He’s previously written for Alternative Press, Exclaim! and other publications.

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