From Chicago to Peoria to Sauget, these dispensaries offer Illinois cannabis users a great sesh.

Medical cannabis became legal in Illinois in 2013, and recreational cannabis followed in 2019. Since then, experienced smokers, edible enthusiasts, medical patients, and first-time tokers alike had questions: What should I buy? What’s my ideal edible dose? What the hell is a dab rig? And most importantly: where can I get weed in Illinois?

We’ve combed through thousands of reviews to create this list of top-rated dispensaries in Illinois, including options that offer both medical and recreational cannabis, that are listed in no particular order.


locations throughout the Chicagoland area

With nine locations stretching as far north as Deerfield and as far south as Morris, Curaleaf has created a system of excellence throughout the Chicago metropolitan area.

With a range of medical-only, recreational-only, and dual-use facilities, Curaleaf dispensaries bring their national experience to a dispensary environment all cannabis users can enjoy.

Reviewers across all nine locations in Illinois highlight things like expert budtenders, a great loyalty program, and the chill atmosphere as the reasons they return to Curaleaf time and time again.


Neighbor states give Illinois $10 million in cannabis taxes every month

Mission Dispensary

Chicago Southside & Calumet City, IL

Providing an inclusive and welcoming dispensary experience for all, Mission Dispensary has quickly become a cannabis must-stop on the southside of Chicago and south of the city in Calumet City.

As part of a multi-state chain, both Illinois locations boast a wide selection of top brands and frequent specials. The Calumet City location is rec only, while the South Chicago location offers both recreational and medical cannabis.

Reviewers have found five-star experiences at Mission Dispensary due to factors like friendly service, great discounts, and passionate advocacy and activism.

Shop Mission Dispensary South Chicago (recreational) or Mission Dispensary Calumet City on Leafly.

Herbal Remedies

Quincy, IL

Veteran- and women-owned Herbal Remedies brings a unique dispensary experience to cannabis users in and beyond Quincy, Illinois.

Herbal Remedies’ rec-only dispensary at 1837 Broadway and rec/med location at 4440 Broadway offer a comprehensive cannabis experience including medical card application assistance, a highly trained staff (including an on-site nurse at 4440 Broadway), and a headshop-level of accessory selection.

Herbal Remedies passionate reviewers recommend this dispensary for its excellent staff, unparalleled glass selection, and welcoming atmosphere.

The Dispensary

Fulton, IL & East Dubuque, IL

In a state with many corporate-owned dispensaries, The Dispensary shines as a true mom-and-pop-owned company. With a med/rec location in Fulton and another recreational location in East Dubuque, The Dispensary brings a signature blend of a high-end retail experience mixed with genuine warmth and kindness to western Illinois.

Reviewers who love The Dispensary recommend it for its great selection, extremely friendly and knowledgeable staff, and welcoming vibe.

Columbia Care

Chicago Westside & Villa Park, IL

With a beloved location in Chicago’s Jefferson Park neighborhood and a brand new boutique rec-only location called Cannabist in Villa Park, Columbia Care is a national dispensary brand whose foray into the Illinois market has been met with much fanfare from shoppers.

Cannabis consumers who choose Columbia Care point to top-tier customer service, friendly & helpful budtenders, and off-street parking for the reasons they love this dispensary.

Shop Columbia Care (recreational & medical) and Cannabist on Leafly

Trinity Compassionate Care Centers

Peoria, IL

Peoria’s cannabis community finds a stellar home at Trinity Compassionate Care Centers. With one rec/med dispensary on University Street and another rec-only option on Glen Avenue, Trinity is the marquee dispensary in Peoria for both experienced cannabis users and newcomers.

Many reviewers who love Trinity Compassionate Care love it because of its judgment-free environment, knowledgeable & professional staff, and excellent selection.


Illinois officials say they’ve expunged 500,000 cannabis convictions

Dispensary 33

Chicago Northside & West Loop

With a location in both Andersonville (medical and recreational) and West Loop (rec-only) Dispensary 33 made history as the very first Chicago dispensary. Since then, they haven’t slowed down!

With frequent specials, collaboration with Chicago artists, and programs to help support medical patients, Dispensary 33 has a great track record of extending compassionate care to the neighborhoods it serves.

Reviewers who recommend Dispensary 33 do so for things like ultra nice budtenders, a calming neighborhood atmosphere, and a great online ordering and pick-up system.

Zen Leaf

locations throughout Chicagoland & Charleston, IL

With nine locations in Illinois and a tenth opening soon in Chicago’s medical district, Zen Leaf is quickly becoming one of Illinois’ most loved dispensary chains.

With their signature mix of experience, on-site expertise, and a thorough vetting process to choose the very best brands, cultivators, and products, it’s no wonder why! Cannabis enthusiasts who love Zen Leaf mention efficient service, great product selection, and awesome budtenders in their reviews.


Bloomington, Normal, and Sauget, IL

Part of the popular Jushi family of cannabis brands, Beyond/Hello dispensaries put care into every detail of their retail experience. From the design of the dispensary to bespoke candle scents, shopping for cannabis at any one of Beyond/Hello’s four Illinois locations might reframe the way you see dispensaries forever.

Cannabis users who love Beyond/Hello mention quick service, an inviting staff, and a cool, relaxed vibe as some of the things that set it apart.

Shop Hello/Beyond in Bloomington, Normal (recreational & medical,)Sauget (recreational & medical,) and Sauget (Route 3.)


locations throughout Illinois

With 10 popular dispensaries across north and central Illinois, the national brand Sunnyside offers many Illinoisians a high-quality dispensary experience for both adult rec and medical patients as perhaps the most reviewed dispensary chain in the entire state.

Owned by Cresco Labs, Sunnyside is the best place to find a wide range of popular Cresco products, including Mindy’s Edibles, Good Vibes, and High Supply. Many reviewers point to seamless in-person and online ordering, friendly staff, and frequent specials as the reasons they’re loyal to Sunnyside.

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