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Listen To Episode 404 As Jay Brown Uncovers:

(0:00) Deprogramming Old Thoughts & Beliefs
(7:00) Why We Seek Validation From Other
(18:30) Holodynamics For Personal Transformation
(31:30) Finding Your Unique Healing Practice
(48:30) Programmed Codependence vs Our Independence
(58:00) Breaking Free From Old Patterns

Deprogramming Old Thoughts & Beliefs

– Jay’s background, purpose, and where life has led him today.
– Why his focus today is to free himself of all the limiting beliefs, programs, and conditions of what the status quo has taught us.

Why We Seek Validation From Other

– What led Jay to create The Evo Room (Evolution Room) in San Diego, California to help people relieve their stress, anxiety, depression and ultimately find themselves.
– How receiving so much positive validation from participants at The Evo Room was unknowingly leading him to a co-dependent relationship to cover up his pain.

Holodynamics For Personal Transformation

– Tools such has conscious relationships Jay has learned to help other people include entertainers and athletes.
– How holodynamics has helped Jay with his own personal growth and transformation.

Finding Your Unique Healing Practice

– How Soul Factory came to be after an Ayahuasca ceremony in Costa Rica that Jay and his friend, Alan, had attended.
– The journey their friendship has gone through over the years and the tight bond that they have today.

Programmed Codependence vs Our Independence

– Unpacking Jay’s own wellness journey, how he has evolved, and what he’s still working on now.
– How to use the Energy that Source gives us to help power our lives.

Breaking Free From Old Patterns

– How old behavior patterns and thought loops do not serve us and can actually lead to greater health issues starting at the cellular level.
– The process that Jay takes people on to help them begin the healing process.

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196 AUBREY MARCUS: Owning The Day, Open Relationships, & Skipping Breakfast? https://youtu.be/vAM0HeUsLKk

330 Kelly Noonan Gores | Heal: Awaken the Powerful Healer Within – LAW OF ATTRACTION – https://youtu.be/Bh_qAJwjIXs
James Sol Radina: The Healing Power of CBD & Breathwork For Anxiety – BREATHWORK – https://youtu.be/I1UujHdcoW0


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