Title: F#CK Amazon Prime Day: Get Bounty & Change The Way You BUY!!!

Interview: Neil Van Huis

Created a Tool: Bounty is an e-commerce app that allows you to get more than just discounts. Win real money to spend on products and experiences.

Website: http://thebountyapp.co/

Download the App:

ON GOOGLE PLAY STORE: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.bounty

ON Apple App Store: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/the-bounty-app/id1544785013


Bounty is a e-commerce app (digital tool) that rewards users for their loyalty in todays most coveted brands. Instead of the same old ecommerce model you’ve seen at any discount operator like Amazon where you simply get a discount at check out, Bounty puts real spending power directly into your hands. Bounty’s app allows brands to market and advertise directly to the consumer, for FREE! Then the user chooses which brands they are most loyalty to by browsing all of the offers on the site and subscribing to the brands they love most. When they subscribe, they pay $1 per brand, per month. What that gives them access to is an instant promo-code or discount offering to go spend directly at the brand AND a chance to win money to spend at that brand. What Bounty does is, they take all of those $1 bills and aggregate them and pay 100% of it back out to their community in the form of rewards. So you aren’t getting pennies on the dollar like other rewards systems. If 100 people subscribe for $1, then 1 of those 100 people is going to get $100!! Let me say that again, one person will be randomly selected to get a free $100 gift card or e-voucher to go spend immediately at their favorite brand. Each brand has a different size prize, because, well, $100 doesn’t get you as far at United Airlines as it does at Nike!

About Neil:

Neil Van Huis is a serial entrepreneur who started his career as a bond trader. Years later he started his own trading firm and eventually divested it to begin investing in young companies. He has invested in such companies as Draftkings long before it went public as well as one of the world’s most recognized cryptocurrency businesses. His vision for Bounty is simple, “we want to turn ecommerce on its head. For too long Google and Facebook and Amazon have been making billions off of your data and loyalty. Today, we revolutionize that loyalty into an ecommerce mechanism that makes sense to the consumer. And the brands, well the brands love us because we are giving money to their loyalty customers to spend with them directly!”

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