Are these women addicted to having babies?

In this British TV documentary, we follow some of the UK’s largest families and investigate why and how these families are able to add to their already bulging households.

In this episode, we meet:

The Radfords are pregnant with their 17th child and for Noel and sue the process still hasn’t lost its magic. But with Noel working 80 hour weeks at his bakery just to keep his cramped household fed, when is enough really enough? And with mum reaching the age when having a baby becomes increasingly dangerous, not just for the child but for herself, is it selfish to keep pursuing her dream and is her desire for more children less of a mothering instinct and more of an addiction?

The Sullivan Family are at 9 kids and counting, and to top it all off, they home school them all! They are a household full of boys with the only girl, Caitlyn, being massively outnumbered. Mum Tanya is pregnant with twins and as well as having had 9 pregnancies she has also had 8 miscarriages. A horror she has never truly recovered from. Is this a sign she should stop having kids? This Christian family thinks not as, to them, every child is a gift and a sign that they should bring as many kids into the world as they can.

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