America has legalized medical marijuana in 16 states and even for recreational use in many states including New York and California. With many more countries looking at decriminalizing the use of marijuana it is becoming more accepted as an asset in the marketplace. Like any biopharma company these stocks can at times be risky and investors should always assess their own financial objectives are aligned with their investments choices taking into factor in a big way risk exposure.

We’ve all heard about synthetic meat replacement products of late but have you heard of synthetic cannacinoids?

Amyris Inc: is a Californian biotech company, most recently their quarter over quarter sales figures were up 96%, having a $3.5 billion market capitalization over the last year the stock has seen huge growth of approximately 600%. The technology Amyris Inc is developing could prove revolutionary to the Cannabis industry.

Truelieve Cannabis: This cannabis producer came into the spotlight after the acquisition of Harvest Health. Although already a national company in the united states, with the closure of this Harvest Health deal subject to shareholder approval will expand Truelieve’s horizons by adding the markets of Arizona, Pennsylvania and Maryland. Revenue growth for 2021 has reached 102% yoy recorded by the end of the Q1 as $194 million.

Cronos Group: Known as the producer of the mature aged use of cannabidiol CBD products. With year over year gains of 133%, induced perhaps by peoples growing need for their high quality products during the USA lockdowns, where marijuana delivery was considered an essential service. Cronos can offer an investor a classy cannabis product and a strong growth inventory.

Curaleaf : another US based biotech firm positioned in Massachusetts, have shown first quarter revenue that rose 170% yoy reaching $260 million. Curaleaf’s balance sheet is not yet profitable, but the acquisitions it completed in 2020 are still showing signs of growth. The company also has seen huge surges in retail and wholesale sales.

Cara Therapeutics: This company has a comparatively small market cap although is able to show large returns. With highs in the share price posted in April 2021, a bargain entry point is currently being seen at the $12 price level. This biotech has seen it’s price reach as high as $28 due to it’s high quality pain management cannabis and CBD products.

Grow Generation Corp : You couldn’t talk about marijuana cultivation without bringing up Hydroponics. One of the leading hydroponics equipment suppliers in the US was founded in 2014 and offers 50 retail centers. The company is not able to pay any dividends yet, but investors who are looking for growth stocks might be keen to look further into this stocks Price to earnings ratio.
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