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For a long time, American society has generally accepted the system in place that has protected us from the detrimental effects of scheduled drugs. But what if the “most dangerous drugs”, Schedule 1 controlled substances, could actually be used to treat mental illnesses? And in fact, what if a big part of the whole drug scheduling system is broken? This isn’t as farfetched as it seems. So let me tell you about what we know and what we can do to fix this often-overlooked problem.

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0:00 An introduction
0:54 How drug policy began
3:02 Understanding drug scheduling
6:23 Drugs being used therapeutically
17:37 Why drug scheduling is broken
20:27 Ad
21:42 How to reclassify these drugs
22:40 Sign my petition

If you’re looking for citations for this video, they are too long to fit in the description, but I can shoot you a comment with any of the studies referenced.

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