The US has a record number of deaths related to drug overdoses in 2020, particularly Fentanyl overdose. China is the biggest source of supplier of Fentanyl or Fentanyl ingredients. The ongoing cannabis legalization in the US can post a national security threat as the US becomes the largest cannabis consumption country and China the largest supplier of cannabis products. China has taken advantage of the US drug crisis; its cannabis industry will take advantage of American addictions and engage in new opium wars.

0:00 The Fentanyl crisis
3:20 The opium war
5:32 National security risks of marijuana legalization

We discuss world economy, history, and politics. Our main focus is U.S.-China relations. We make short videos and tell you the hidden stories.

The Chinese Strategy: Planning a roadmap to hemp’s future

Fentanyl and geopolitics: Controlling opioid supply from China

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Xi Jinping’s 4 fears

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Elon Musk’s rise and fall. Is Tesla in trouble in China? His Chinese made Tesla cars may cost him.

Doing business in China: Jack Ma’s trouble & Elon Musk’s bad news.

China losing young people? Chinese growing old? The loss of Chinese labor force will cost China.

The China 5 year chip plan? The reality of Chinese chip industry and the China chip problem.

US – China | The Secretive China Semiconductor Industry Strategies

Unseen Fortune Documentaries:

Dealing with mainland China:

China Uncovered:–g9pMFfOJ

Current Affairs – U.S., China, and Beyond:

Tech & Media:
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