John from visits the Numa Nursery so you can learn how you can make a $75,000 a year growing the most valuable tree that will generate $500 a year in revenue when fully mature and how you can grow these trees in a subtropical climate without owning farmland or any land for that matter!

In this episode, you will learn more about the Moringa Growers Co-op and Numa Nursery that is located outside Tampa, FL that will teach you for free how to duplicate their successful model of using other people’s land to grow food and enrich the lives of people and the community.

You will learn all about the moringa oleifera and how this plant starts as a seed and transforms into a sun-loving, drought-tolerant tree that can produce a significant quantity of food once fully grown if properly pruned and grown in ideal conditions.

You will learn how fast these moringa trees grow as well as how the growing container can make a difference in how fast this drumstick tree can grow.

You will discover how other people’s property is being used to grow this tree crop and how you just need to harvest it every few months and process the leaves so that you can turn them into a nutritious green powder that can be sold for $100 a pound retail.

You will learn how easy is to harvest a moringa tree and how much food can be grown in just 30 days in this episode.

You will discover one tree can fill up a van full of product that then needs to be processed into a shelf-stable product.

You will learn how to properly wash the moringa, and how to shade-dry it using very low-tech methods out of the sun to ensure the powder has the highest nutrition possible in these conditions.

You will discover more products that can be made with the moringa tree than just the green powder, such as edible flowers, seeds, oil, soap, tea, and much, much more.

You will learn how you can press moringa seed oil out of the moringa seeds by using an oil press and how much work it is to create oil out of moringa seeds.

Finally, John will interview Kendrick Henry about the moringa tree, why he started the co-op, how much income you can generate growing moringa, why he started a co-op to give back to the community and help homeowners pay their property tax, how he farmed for many years without owning any land, and how you can learn everything he knows for free so you can start your own moringa farm no matter what tropical or sub-tropical part of the world you live.

After watching this episode you will learn more about the amazing Moringa tree than you ever have before and learn how you can grow this amazing cash crop without owning any property. You will discover how you can get a manual that explains the entire process so you can grow moringa and generate income for you and your family and improve your community at the same time.

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