We are kicking off June with a Ted Tuesday! We chat with Ted Ohashi, writer of “The Cannabis Report”, about how cannabis companies will develop. He also shares some new things from companies in his model portfolio including Khiron and Lexaria.

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0:00 Intro with Disclaimer
0:54 Cannabis Company Comparison
2:20 Room for the Little Guy?
3:58 First-Mover Advantage?
6:51 Model Portfolio Developments
8:18 Companies Outside Portfolio
10:10 Final Thoughts and Disclosures

!Disclosures: Ted says he has no positions in the companies mentioned

!!We produce videos and content to share the perspective of different investors. No video we produce is designed to be direct investing advice, and the investing opinions of our guests are their own. Invest at your own risk. Do your due diligence.

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How Marijuana Is Good And Bad For You

How Marijuana Is Good And Bad For You

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