Have you thrown away good money on bad edibles? I know I have (it’s kind of my job, though)!

Getting scammed at the dispensary is easy. It’s a nascent market with little to no regulations and zero accountability. There’s also lots and lots and lots and lots of money to be made. Lots of money + no accountability = easy score for scammers and fraudsters. It’s bad enough when dispensaries and growers mislead their customers on what strain or how potent the flower they are buy is, but at least the customer can see the product, verify its weight, smell it, or whatever other rituals they may have to test their weed. Sure, they may not be getting the premium product that they are supposedly paying for, but if they’re buying an amount, they will generally get that amount. Edibles, however, are much easier to scam customers with. A customer can’t verify that 200 mg or whatever listed on the package is really 200 mg. They don’t see the edible getting made. They can’t see it being packaged. If you want to buy an edible, you have got to take the company at its word that their product is potent as advertised or that your dispensary isn’t going to sell you a shitty product. Good luck with that.

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