Even since she first stepped into the spotlight, Tina Turner has enjoyed the highest highs stardom has to offer, and suffered the lowest of lows, too. From her difficult childhood to her horrific marriage to the very end of her singing career, this is the tragic real-life story of Tina Turner.

Anna Mae Bullock grew up in Nutbush, Tennessee, as the daughter of two sharecroppers: Floyd and Zelma Bullock. When Anna, later Tina, was 10-years-old, her mother left her family and her home, in search of a better life for herself. Tina’s dad eventually split as well, forcing her to grow up quickly. During this time, she and her older sister Alline were raised by their grandmother, and when she died they made their way to St. Louis, where her estranged mother had settled. But these were just the beginnings of the hard times for the little girl who would grow up to become one of the best-selling recording artists in the world.

While living in St. Louis, Tina and her sister would frequent R&B clubs in the area. It was during a night out at Club Manhattan that she met the man who would come to cause her so much distress and pain: Ike Turner.

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A rough childhood | 0:17
Meeting Ike | 1:00
Power of a name | 1:46
The wedding night | 2:33
Domestic horror | 3:26
Dark days | 4:11
Grounds for divorce | 4:57
Old wounds | 5:49
Forgiveness | 6:42
The Elton John feud | 7:24
Her last performance | 8:25
Erwin’s kindness | 9:08

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