The legacy and marathon continues as the powerful family of Dr. Sebi join us on Sway in the Morning. Kellie Bowman, his daughter and Izeah Bowman his grandson are keeping the good work alive by giving our Citizens honest and non-judgmental advice.

There have been rumors of foul play in Dr. Sebi’s death, but his family lovingly shut them down, along with any affiliation of Nipsey Hussle’s death through his involvement with the documentary he was producing of Dr. Sebi’s life and healing accomplishments. However, they did update us with the status of the documentary, stating they’re aiming to wrap it up by September 2019.

While in-studio, these well-educated leaders in our community list the unauthentic vegetables (carrots, broccoli and cauliflower) and advised our Citizens how to start a more conscious and clean diet – from eating berries and kale to higher alkaline plants and fruits.

Watch below as they share with us thee most powerful and healing herb, Sea Moss, also known as Irish Moss and how to truly each healthy when organic food is sometimes more expensive.

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Dr. Sebi’s Daughter & Grandson on Nipsey Hussle, Documentary & Herbs that Cure Aids and Herpes

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