After the death of #SushantSinghRajput, we saw how our lovely news channels took a sudden turn in their coverage to make it all about #Drugs. Not just any drug though, it was focused on marijuana, for the most part, with some other CBD oil-type things thrown in just for the heck of it.

Ironically, this wound up starting a conversation on the use of #marijuana in India, but it soon went downhill because nobody really had good, informed opinions on this magical plant.

So, Meghnad S, our in-house (so-called) expert on stuff, takes a deep dive into the subject of ganja: its history, why it was banned, why it might get unbanned, its recreational and medical uses, and a little bit on how it might make sense to legalise, regulate and sell it. If you want an informed opinion on the subject, this one’s for you.



POST UPLOAD CORRECTION: According to The Atlantic, 9% of the people who smoke pot are susceptible to dependence as compared to 16% for alcohol and 32% for nicotine. Here is a link to the article for reference :


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